Whatever you do, Don’t Join InstantPlugNPay.com!!

Review Of InstantPlugNPay.com!!

Well, at least not until you have read this review. My heading was not some ploy to get you to find out what is wrong with InstantPlugNPay.com. Rather, it was meant to get your attention because there are a few things I want you to know before you join.

Okay, so what is InstantPlugNPay.com?

To be totally honest, I cannot fault it any way whatsoever and if you continue reading you will soon find out why…

The concept behind InstantPlugNPay.com is really very simply. It was developed by Craig Haywood (or the blue guy) who is also the owner of highly successful sites like TrackThatAd.com, MyViralPopAds.com, ExitLightBox.com and MyViralSurfer.com

From the above sites you can probably deduct that Craig focuses heavily on Viral Marketing which is good when you consider what he’s done with InstantPlugNPay.com

A quick summary of the IPP homepage reveals that IPP is a resell rights product website which integrates with mlm through viral marketing, but that doesn’t even begin to lift the layers of nice goodies. In Fact, Jane Mark from JPEAdvertising.com describes it better…

“I know. It’s resale rights gone MLM and viral but that doesn’t tell half the story. People who have no idea how to sell resale products have it made.

You set it for them You give them autoresponder sales letters and new, jazzy sales pages to work with. You give them all the viral tools to sell the products and they sit back and relax.

They don’t have to do a thing. I love it.

They can even let people know by twitter that they have a new product for sale right from the members area by just popping in their twitter information.”

Here is how it works…

Every member of IPP get a product store where all products in the store (supplied by Craig) is linked to your own domain name. (which you create free when you join)

Every month Craig ads 3 new products to the store, does the ad copy for you, integrate an auto responder follow-up series for you (which he hosts on your behalf). He also ties viral marketing to every product to ensure your visitors multiplies your selling efforts as well as social network marketing through the means of Twitter Tweets. Btw., if you join IPP Craig also helps you to virally grow your Twitter followers

Now, this is where it gets interesting. This is the first and only program I know of you can make a substantial income from without even paying a dime (although the pro benefits are exceptional…more on that later).

As a free member you will get 50% commission for any product sold from your store. The member who referred you will also get $2 for every product you sell, as will the member who referred them. Going pro makes this even more lucrative.

Every time you sell a product to someone, they will also get an option to join IPP (under you), so this makes it easy to get in more people underneath you, however, Craig has gone the full 9 yards to ensure getting signups is as easy as possible, by also providing you with a tracker that virally promotes itself (in other words, affiliate links you advertise) as well as your IPP products at the same time.

At the same time, you will also have access to all the information of people who buy from your store, which means you can import leads into your auto responder of known buyers.

Going Pro…

I am not going to tell you the price to be a pro member as this violates Craig’s terms of service. What I can tell you is that is that it is so low I thought it was a joke, but on a more serious note, it gives you the opportunity to rake in a small fortune every month.

As a pro member you will also earn 100% on all products in your store paid directly to your PayPal account. If you don’t have PayPal, Craig also provides you with another option that is globally accepted.

Something which made me realise Craig thought of everything is the pro member affiliate benefit. Since you get 100% profit on products in your store, it is only fitting that you should be able to get affiliates to promote your products for you.

As a pro member, each product in your store is set up with your own affiliate program which pays out 50% to your affiliates and 50% to you. All of this is handled without you having to do anything. The system even recruits affiliates for you.

Final Thoughts…

The InstantPlugNPay.com system is a rare gem. It is a full stay at home program where no skills are required from you. Everything, and I mean everything is done on your behalf.

I know you have probably heard the term: “You’ve never seen anything like this.” a thousand times before, but this time it is true.

This is one program I am giving a rating of 8 out of 10.

Hint: When you log in for the first time, you will be presented with a one time offer to go pro. While you can still upgrade later at a price which is still a joke, I highly recommend you do it when you are presented with the oto as it is the lowest you will ever get it at.

Click here to visit InstantPlugNPay.com

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