Is Twitter A Time Waste Or A Powerful Business Tool?

twitterIs Twitter A Time Waste Or A Powerful Business Tool?

Ever since the interception of this powerful microblogging platform known as the Twitter, both online and offline business owners are rushing to get their own pieces of cakes and hopefully finding something beneficial for their respective businesses. Whether Twitter is a time waste or a powerful business tool is very personal and it very much depends on how you spend your time on Twitter.

You could be spending hours on twitter sending messages telling the world what you ate for lunch or what are you planning for dinner. Similarly, you could also be spending the same amount of quality time tweeting messages that sell your business or create a brand for yourself. So, which are the upsides of Twitter that you can fully make use of to maximize your business profits?

1. Ability To Keep In Touch With The World In Real Time

Honestly, what beats the ability to be able to send your contacts message any time and where in the world in real time? Your followers get updates about you or your business on the go and this sort of communication is very important in building up healthy business relationships. Always remember, communication is the key to the success of your business.

2. Build Up A Brand Name For Yourself

Have you ever thought of how powerful a tweet message from a popular web celebrity can get? There are many cases of famous bloggers who tweeted an affiliate link in less than 140 characters and made $800 plus profit within a day and that makes $24,000 a month! This could be your long term goal as a business owner and tweeter and that is to build up your massive number of followers and also your own brand name along the course.

3. Messages Kept Short And Straight To The Point

This is no need to beat about the bush if you want to sell your business well. Do not underestimate the power of the 140 characters message that you can send through Twitter because this is where you are going to convince your followers to click on the link and read what you have for them! Make use of words like “Secrets Revealed”, “Tips To…” or even “ Learn How To…” because these are the hypnotic money making words that have proven to bring a higher Click Through Rate (CTR). Humans are curious creatures.

If you are able to follow these strong points and advantages to your best then Twitter is definitely on your side of the game. If you have been discouraged by someone telling you that Twitter is a waste of time for your business, then prove them wrong with these believes and techniques. Always bear in mind that branding is very important in building up your business and be thankful that such a powerful microblogging tool has surfaced to meet your business needs.

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