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twit7Introduction to Twitter

There are many great web 2.0 services out there from the point of view of internet marketing and one of the most interesting new additions to that list is Twitter.  Anyone that lives in the western world has heard about Twitter by now as politicians in the US federal government were using it during the last State of the Union Address to give real time reactions to what they were hearing President Obama discuss.

This same Twitter that is used by politicians, athletes, actors and other celebrities can be put to good use by you for your internet business.  How exactly can you get this done?  You will do it by the same method that you would use to gain access at any other web 2.0 site.  Simply put, it is to build up a list and then market to that list in order to get them to visit your website and do whatever it is that makes you money on your site.

The Setup

Before you can do anything else, you obviously need to sign up for a Twitter account.  You can do that by going to their website and signing up through the registration link.  The process is self-explanatory, so just follow the steps on the screen and you should be up and running in a few minutes.

Twitter is essentially a service that allows you to write mini-blog posts of just a few lines that will then be sent to everyone that has signed up for your Twitter feed.  A post is known as a Tweet and it is through making these Tweets that you actually allow your list to follow what you are doing.

The trick is to build up a list of people that follow your Tweets.  The best way to do this is to offer free demonstrations of what your product can do.  Post on other people’s profiles with links to your own Twitter feed and whenever you Tweet make sure that you offer free bonuses or something else that would make people want to click through to your website and take a look at what you have to offer.  If you have marketed on any other web 2.0 site before, you will recognize this method as being a modified version of the generic plan of attack that tends to produce the best success from these types of websites.

Final Thoughts

Make sure that you are always working towards building the list of people that are following your Tweets.  Just because you have a lot of people doesn’t mean that they can’t suddenly leave your list or even worse just get bored with Twitter and stop logging in.  List numbers do not necessarily equate to sales, so continue using the above tips to build your list of followers as large as you possibly can.

In the end, also realize that the more serious content you give, the more interest your website will get in return.  For that reason, give good quality freebies through your Tweets rather than just token marketing gestures.

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