Top 5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

webtrafficHow To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Getting traffic to your blog is as important as food is to human. The next time you patronize the most popular restaurant down the street, take a closer look at what’s keep their business thriving. You will notice it is the traffic flow that comes first and of coz quality product being next in line. So, what is a perfect blog without any traffic?

You may have heard gurus saying that money is in the list, but without any traffic, how do you get the list? Follow these 5 tips below to ensure you start growing an unstoppable flow of targeted traffic to your blog.

1) Write Articles For Article Directories

Besides writing actively for your blog, you should consider writing some quality articles and submitting them to popular article directories like Why is this placed first on the list? Article marketing has a long lasting viral effect because publishers or fellow bloggers who like your articles will borrow your article and post it on their site and then have a link back to your blog in your resource box. And, other visitors who visit these sites love your articles as well; they will again grab the post and post it on their own sites. See how viral this works? The only downside to this is that it may take a longer time to see visible result but be assured that it is going to be a long lasting one.

2) Writing Guest Posts

This is one of my highly recommended ways of getting your name out and driving insane targeted traffic back to your blog. First of all, ensure that the guest posts you write are of top notch quality; the more popular topics being the “How-To” tutorials. This method makes use of the traffic that other popular bloggers already have and driving a portion of them to your own blog if you are able to capture their interest with your guest post.

3) Get Connected With Social Networks

There are an uncountable social networks surfacing in the World Wide Web today with the more popular ones being Facebook and Twitter. These social networks are highly regarded and used by many bloggers to gain traffic and also brand and sell their names. This works effectively because of the ability to get connected with your readers readily and you can send them a message anytime you want to. Staying in touch with your readers is one of the most important ways to keep your traffic flowing.

4) Social Bookmarks

Make sure that your blog posts are easily bookmark-able.  Whether it is your first time reader or returning reader, they will bookmark your post and send it to share on social bookmarking sites if they like what you write. This will not only bring you extra traffic your blog post hits the front page of social bookmark sites but also a backlink to your blog from established sites deemed by Google.

5) Rank Well On Search Engines

This will be your ultimate goal and target because getting ranked well for your desired keywords will not only drive you immense amount of traffic, but you can also make use of the fact to brand yourself as a SEO expert. What a winner! However, this will also require you to commit to your seo work as it really takes time to move up the list for popular keywords.

Do you have any unique ways of driving traffic to your blog? Feel free to share it by leaving a word or two in the comment section below!

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6 Responses to “Top 5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog”

  1. KreCi says:

    Thanks for this nice post. I think that most important is positioning in search engines and have w great content. When people will come for SE and like what you write about – they will bookmark and promote your blog by word of mouth… And it is a best for a long run.

  2. Craig Dawber says:

    That’s exactly right…..the hardest thing is writing for the search engines but still making it readable. I’m not very good at this so I just write quality content for my readers and it seems to work well 🙂

    As for SEO, you’ll see much more blog posts with tips and tricks for climbing up the search engine ranking over the next few weeks….I plan on having at least a google ranking of 3 within a month.

    I hope you’ll find them useful.


  3. Robert says:

    Hi Craig,

    Great traffic getting tips. I’m with you with regard to writing for the search engines. Personally, I feel the number one priority is writing for your readers/visitors. If the content is well written, ultimately, the search engines will find it.

  4. John Coates says:

    Hi Craig, I tend to agree that writing articles is the number one for getting traffic. The added benefit is that by writing high quality and informative articles in your niche, you become an expert. You also build trust and confidence in your prospects. As an expert, customers will feel confident to buy from you and this will increase your sales and online business profits.

  5. Jeffery Wood says:

    There’s also being active in forums that are related to your niche, just put the link into your signature file so that it automatically shows up when you say something instead of remembering to add it.

    And also add the link to every signature file, e-mail, forums, etc. Easy to do, just “set and forget”.

    I’ve clicked on links in people’s signatures so I know it works.

    – Jeffery

  6. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge Craig! All the best in hitting #3 ranking!!!!

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