Top 5 Essential Plugins For Your Blog

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Blogging on the self hosted wordpress platform gives you an undeniable advantage over your fellow bloggers who are still clinging on to the free blogging platforms because wordpress brings more flexibility when it comes to customization. Most importantly, wordpress is free of third party ads.

Have you been wondering how some popular bloggers manage to make their blogs highly interactive or professional? To help you spice up your wordpress blog, there are Top 10 essential plugins which are “must-haves” and you are not doing yourself a favour if you missed them out.

1. All-In-One SEO Pack

All-In-One SEO Pack allows you to readily define your blog’s keywords and description and keyword is vital in your seo work. Moreover, it allows you to rename your blog pages’ titles and make them “SEO-ed” with your desired keywords. If you have missed this seo plugin for your wordpress blog, then prepare to regret for life.

2. Google Sitemap

This is yet another gem plugin to improve your blog’s SEO work. It allows you to create a search engine friendly sitemap which is like a mini blueprint of your entire blog with just a single click. This sitemap will get crawled by search engines daily, weekly or even monthly and they will get packed with the latest information on your blog. Thus, these search engines are able to index more of your blog pages constantly.

3. Do-Follow

By making your blog do follow, it means that you are giving away link love to those who get a back link from you. This way, you will probably land your blog name on many do follow blog lists which will gain you extra and free advertisements. However, this is done at your own risk because of the SEO penalty that you might be faced with if you end up linking out to someone that big G doesn’t like.

4. Top Commentators

This plugin is a perfect match with the do-follow plugin mentioned above. You reward your top commentators with a free link back to their own website or blog because they are the people who can help keep your blog alive. This also encourages more people to leave their precious comments since it is a win-win situation.

5) Askimet

This is the plugin which comes preset when you set wordpress up. How else can I stress the importance of this plugin when wordpress themselves have already done so? For those who do not know, Askimet is a plugin which helps you deter all possible spams on your blog and automatically deletes them if you set it to be. Believe me, when you get popular enough, you know how much you need this precious gem.

There are many important plugins out there for you to explore which can improve your blog’s functionality. The above mentioned plugins are what I call the basic necessities, so do not limit yourself to this list and keep tracking your conversion rate and result to determine which plugins work best for your blog(s).

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