The Best Way to Promote Your Blog

“How to use articles for breakthrough blog promotion”

You may be aware that there are many popular ways for promoting your blog ranging from payper click ads to writing articles. You can even promote your blog by commenting on other people’s blogs or going to forums and putting the link to your blog in your signature. Since there are some many ways to promote, oftentimes, people wonder just what way is best.

Well there’s something both fornuate and unfortunate about the best way to promote yor blog. Unfortunately, this way is very boring and tedious for a lot of people. Fortunately, you can run over the competition with this method because most bloggers don’t like to do it and even though you can pay other people to do it, it’s still a big hassle.

The best way to promote your blog is to write articles and plenty of them.

There is just no better way to get your site indexed and ranked by Google than to write articles. The articles will get a lot of traffic for your blog and they will get you plenty of backlinks. Backlinks are the key to getting a high placement Google’s search engine.

There are many search engines that you can submit your articles to. Most people talk about Ezine Articles and, but don’t neglect the many otheres that are out there such as Isnare and Articlemarketer. Your written and submitted articles should not be duplicates of what is posted on your blog. Instead you can try one of two techniques. Either you can rewrite your blog posts and submit them or you can write separate article that will only be used for submission purposes. These article should give the reader just enough information so that he or she wants to read more.

After you have peaked the readers curiosity, place a link back to your site either at the bottom of the article or in the authors resource box.

Before wrting any articles, it’s a good idea to do some keyword research so that you can make sure that people are going to actually search for the topics and keywords you are writing about. Good keyword research is the key to making sure you get the maximum amount of visitors to your blog. You can use the Google Adwords tool to do proper keyword research. You can also use Nichebot classic or the free software program, Good Keywords.

Once you find the keyword you want to focus on, use it a few times throughout the article so that Google picks up on it. If you write a large amount of articles and submit them to the many article submission sites that are out there, your blog will be indexed by Google in no time.

Articles last forever on the internet. Sometimes forums will delete posts. Even Yahoo Answers has lately changed their link policy for Level 1 users. However, aricles last always online. If you write a good article that is informative and just drop in your link, you can be sure that it will remain online for someone to find it.

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