How Can I Get More Traffic To My Website?

Another Way To  Get More Traffic To My Website

Every website owner wants to increase the level of traffic their website receives. It doesn’t matter if you’re already achieving what you consider to be decent levels of traffic – there is always the desire (and usually the scope) for achieving much more.

If you want to increase your traffic levels, one of the first things you need to find out is where your current visitors are coming from and then concentrate some of your efforts on those sources. Let’s say, for example, that you are getting 40 visitors a day from a particular online forum by posting messages and including a link to your website in your signature. A good way of increasing your traffic would be to increase your activity on that forum and then find other similar forums which you could also post to. If you can find the sources which are working for you now, you know which things to spend time on. Over time you will start to see which methods give you the biggest return on the time you spend on them.

Remember however that not all traffic is equal. You always need targeted traffic because there is no use having 1,000 people a day visiting your site if none of them are remotely interested in what you are offering!

Think about the places where your target audience hangs out. If you are reasonably knowledgeable about your niche you’ll probably already know some of the most popular websites in your niche which you could potentially use to generate traffic.

Make sure you don’t overlook paid methods either. Would Google Adwords, for example, be a good way to get more traffic to your website? If you know what you are doing it can be an excellent source of traffic, although it is easy to loose money from it if you don’t. If you would like to trial it without taking much of a risk it’s worth looking out for the free credit vouchers which Google seems to give away on a regular basis to encourage new people to sign up for Adwords.

Traffic generation is all about finding your target audience. If you can do that and then give them a reason to check out your website you should draw visitors in.

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How To Monitor Website Traffic – The Best Free Tools

The ability to monitor website traffic is absolutely essential if you are serious about growing your online business and you have the desire to increase the amount of visitors you receive.

Being able to see where your visitors come from, how long they spend on your website and what content they view etc gives you an absolutely invaluable insight into what is working (and what isn’t) in your business right now…

Let’s say you check your statistics and find that one particular traffic source (for example the Warrior forum) has sent 500 people to your website in the last two days. That’s a pretty hot source and it shows you that you should probably spend some more time promoting your site on the Warrior Forum. You also notice that from that traffic source 100 of them signed up to your mailing list on the homepage – this indicates that the traffic this website is sending to you is pretty targeted and that they are definitely interested in the content you are providing.

Here are the best free tools to monitor website traffic.

  1. Google Analytics

This is probably the most well known tool of them all and it provides an excellent level of information. You simply insert some code onto your website (Google provides this for you and it is very easy to install) and from that the system tracks visitors to your site. You can get a general snapshot of your sites traffic, as well as more detailed information such as referring websites, visitor locations, time spent on your website, average page views, the top performing pages, etc (the list is almost endless.) Google Analytics also has the advantage that it links in nicely if you are using Google Adwords to promote your website.

  1. StatCounter

This is another pretty well known and (in my opinion) excellent tool. StatCounter provides a similar level of information to monitor website traffic and has its own special features too. It works in a similar way to Analytics, so it is pretty simple to set up.

  1. Your Hosting Account

Many hosting accounts come together with a tool already installed which will monitor traffic to your website. The advantage here is that it is all built into your hosting package and there is often no need to install any tracking code (useful if you feel especially daunted by the process of doing so.)

Whichever tool you use (and there are many others besides the ones I have mentioned) the data it provides you is very useful indeed. Look for overall trends and analyse how visitors interact with your website. Doing this on a regular basis can improve the performance of your website in a big way.

As always please leave your comments below as I love to hear your feedback.

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