List Of Blog Directories

Submit Your Blog To Blog Directories

Submit your Blog Url or RSS Feed to as many blog directories as possible and gain maximum exposure. It is a very efficient way of advertising and gaining free targeted traffic for your blog. It is also very useful for getting quality inbound links if your blog provides valuable content and resources to others. By your blog to blog directories, blog readers are able to locate your blog easily and I believe that is your main goal for setting up your blog. That is to reach out to many concerned readers as possible.

If there is a blog directory that I have missed out or if you wish to list your blog directory, just leave a comment with the neccesary details here and I will update it as soon as I see it. Thanks!

List Of Blog Directories

  1. 2Rss
  2. 5starblogs
  3. Addurlblog
  4. Addyourblog
  5. Allblogs
  6. Answers
  7. Bestblogs
  8. Biggerblogger
  9. Blloggs
  10. Blog Catalog
  11. Blog Search
  12. Blogadr
  13. Blogannounce
  14. Blogarama
  15. Blogbib
  16. Blogbunch
  17. BlogCatalog
  18. Blogcode
  19. Blog-collector
  20. Blogdigger
  21. Blogdir
  22. Blogdirectory
  23. Blogdirectory : Blogtory
  24. Blogdirs
  25. Blogdup
  26. Blogdust
  27. Blogexplosion
  28. Blogflux
  29. Bloggapedia
  30. Blogged
  31. Bloggeries
  32. Bloggernity
  33. Bloggernow
  34. Bloghints
  35. Bloghop
  36. Bloghub
  37. Blogintro
  38. Bloglines
  39. Bloglisting
  40. Blogpoint
  41. Blogpulse
  42. Blogrankings
  43. Blogroll
  44. Blogs BOTW
  45. Blogs For Small Business
  46. Blogscanada
  47. Blogscholar
  48. Blogscollection
  49. Blog-search
  50. Blogsrating
  51. Blogstreet
  52. Blogsweet
  53. Blogtagstic
  54. Blogtoplist
  55. Bloguniverse
  56. Blogwatch
  57. Bloogz
  58. BOTW Blog Directory
  59. Britblog
  60. Browseblogs
  61. Bulletize fee
  62. Chinabloglist
  63. Chordata
  64. ContentsMatter
  65. Crayon
  66. Delightfulblogs
  67. Diarist
  68. DreamTeamMoney Directory
  69. Eatonweb
  70. Emarketingblogs
  71. Etalkinghead
  72. Feedage
  73. Feedboy
  74. Feednuts
  75. FeedsFarm
  76. Feed Directory –
  77. Findingblog
  78. Findory
  79. FyberSearch
  80. Geekyspeaky
  81. Getblogs
  82. Globeofblogs
  83. Gobignetwork
  84. Highclassblogs
  85. Iblogbusiness
  86. Industryblogs
  87. Jenett
  88. Kmax
  89. LSBlogs
  90. Misohoni
  91. MyBlogLog
  92. NewsGator
  93. Photoblogdirectory
  94. Plazoo
  95. Portal.eatonweb fee
  96. Postami fee
  97. Pressradar
  98. Quickblogdirectory
  99. Rateitall
  100. Readablog
  101. Redtram
  102. Sarthak
  103. Scienceport
  104. Search4blogs
  105. Small Business Blog
  107. Sportsblog
  108. Strategic Board
  109. Syndic8
  110. Tailrank
  111. Technorati
  112. Thevital
  113. Tomstopsites
  114. Top 100 Bloggers
  115. Topblogsites
  116. Topix
  117. TruthLaidBear
  118. Weblogalot
  119. Wilsdomain reciprocal
  120. Wingee
  121. Yahoo Blog Directory

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Blogging For Beginners And 3 Blog Traffic Tips

3 blog traffic tips

Blogging For Beginners And 3 Blog Traffic Tips

Have you always wanted to start a profitable blog and hopefully be able to make a good living out of it because you have heard how lucrative the internet market is? But you are always held back by a mysterious force because you do not know if you are suitable for it or whether time is on your side. Tell yourself this right now, there is always a first time for everyone.

Every pro bloggers you see on the internet now started out as a beginner back then, so you should have no worries about being a beginner blogger yourself. But the most important thing at this stage is to get your mentality and concepts right so you do not waste time doing the wrong things (which is almost unavoidable). Driving traffic to your blog is the primary step to market it and securing a spot for yourself in the blogging arena. Here are 3 blog traffic tips which I have used and found to be extremely effective to start off with as a beginner blogger:

1. Free Traffic Exchange

This is a great way to get some initial traffic to your blog in your early stages and it helps to make your blog look a little more popular. The down side to this is that it takes a lot of time away from your schedule to be clicking on the other websites for traffic exchange.

2. Write Guest Post For Blog Celebrities

Take some time to scan through popular blogs and discover a common point between these popular blogs and what the hot topics they are talking about are. Then, use the writing skills you have been wanting to show off to churn out a top quality article that no one can resist but to post it up their own blogs and submit to one of these popular bloggers whom you think can drive you the referral traffic you want. They have the traffic and they can help you get it.

3. Interview Successful Internet Marketers

Try to gook up an opportunity to interview a successful blogger or internet marketer and post it up on your blog. Do not worry about getting rejected (you will probably face some) because there will be at least someone out there who is willing to take up that challenge and that will get your engine going.

One thing you may realize is that you do not actually know how to start. My advice is, DON’T be afraid to ask! You will never know if you have missed any possible opportunity if you don’t ask at all. Work faithfully using the above mentioned beginner bloggers’ tips and you will see your initial traffic start flowing in and that will get your blog going like how you want it to.

Inbox Supremacy

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Bloggers

Advanced_Affiliate_Marketing_Strategies Certain Strategies That Bloggers Should Do!

While many bloggers are venturing into profiting from affiliate marketing since it is the top money making models raved by many internet guru, there are certain strategies that bloggers like you should follow in order to make your effort more efficient.

You may think that affiliate marketing is as easy as it can be and all you need to do is dump a banner with your affiliate link on your blog or writing a short review about it will make you a millionaire blogger or affiliate marketer. Firstly, get this concept out of your head right now if you want to start right.

1) Give Something Away And Build A Strong List On Your Blog

Your blog is a perfect place to give something away to build yourself a profitable list. Be it a free ebook you wrote, free email course or simply newsletter, your readers will want to get something from you. By building such a list through your blog, you are able to get targeted subscribers because these are people who really read your blog and it will not be too difficult to sell them something.

2) Find Out What Your Prospects Want.

Let’s say you are settled to send out newsletters when your readers subscribe on your blog, try to build relationship with your list by constantly replying each and every email. Show them you actually care for them by pre-selling yourself. Let them know you are interested in them as a person and not just someone who is interested in making quick bucks. Give off yourself freely and you will earn their trust and confidence. Find out what product they actually need. After you have built trust with your email list they will be in the mood to buy from you as a recommendation from a trusted source. You have to get products that you are affiliated with or that you have bought license for, but these products must be of high quality or else you will lose the credibility that took you time to build.

3) Join An Affiliate Network

You should have witnessed many successful bloggers showing off their success with affiliate networks on their blogs. This should be an indication that it is a really good money making opportunity for you. An affiliate network gives affiliates access to 100’s of niche merchant’s products and services. The network uses it’s time and resources to find the clever publishers (like you) who have figured out new ways to drive converting traffic. It also provides a greater variety of top performing, reputable campaigns. In this way, you as affiliates will easily get exposed to up market products such as banner rotations. With a single affiliate network, affiliates can easily work with multiple advertisers, multiple offers and multiple payment style options such as pay per click, pay per lead, pay per impression, etc. all under one umbrella, the affiliate network.

How To Improve Your SEO Ranking To Your Blog

blog seo check list5 Tips To Improve Your SEO Ranking To Your Blog

Have you ever wondered how popular websites or blogs secure their spots on the top of the list on search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN? They follow a “To-Do” list to climb their way up the SEO ladder and these tips work like wonder to improve your SEO ranking to your blog.

1) Target The Right Keyword

Listen up! If you target the wrong keyword, you are probably never going to see any result for the rest of your life. It is very common for all of use to want to go for the popular and big keywords because this is the core of bringing in massive traffic from search engines, but how many of us are able to climb that far up? Be realistic and target keywords which are smaller and longer so you are able to hit the top 10 ranking easier.

2) Build links, build links and build links

After rounds and rounds of research, you should be able to pick out the keyword you want to rank well for. Now, you should focus and work on building links with this targeted keyword. There are umpteen ways of building links and it is all about taking time off to do the dirty work. Below are my suggestions for building links:

  • Article Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Guest Posting
  • Link Exchange
  • Web and Blog Directories Submission

For a more detailed explanation on how to work all these methods out, you can explore the rest of my blog to ensure you don’t miss out on any of them.

3) Work On The Keyword Density

Keyword density is also an important factor that determines the focused keyword of your blog and it is said that the optimum keyword density is approximately 5% to 6%. Despite your effort to ensure the keyword percentage in your articles, do bear in mind that your articles should still be functional and helpful to your readers. After all, writing for your readers is more important writing for search engines because your readers are the one who will support you for the long run.

4) Tweak Your Tags
Search engines give more weight to text enclosed in certain HTML tags such as the tag and the heading tags. So, after optimizing content, have keyword-rich page titles, headings and sub-headings. Try to keep the text under 64 characters. Anything longer might get chopped off by the search engines.

5)  Stay patient, then rinse and repeat
Measure your results using search engine ranking tools and update your website at least once a week as search engines give priority to updated sites. If you do not get listed in the top 10, do not fret. It is a hotly contested page with scores of companies vying for the spot.
Look instead at your blog’s ranking for the keywords. If you have moved up, then you’re right on track. Refine your keywords, include new keywords, optimize your content and get more credible incoming links!

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How To Get Backlinks To Your Site or Blog

5 tips for backlinks5 Tips On Getting Backlinks

Back links are your main staple item to building up your blog’s seo work. Many bloggers or webmasters often find themselves scratching their head and pulling their hair off when trying to build quality back links. The fact is that this is not rocket science at all and anyone can perform the same link building techniques if they are willing to spend time on it.

1) Submit Your Blog To Web and Blog Directories

Most bloggers or webmaster do not realize the existence and function of these web and blog directories and they do not put them into consideration when building popularity and back links. In fact, there are a couple of highly popular web directories like DMOz (PR 9) which only accept high quality websites or blogs. To look on the brighter side of life, nothing beats a back link from a PR 9 site and Google is bound to love your blog for it. Take time to search for do-follow web and blog directories and it not difficult to locate them because many bloggers have compiled big lists of these directories. It is your own effort that counts!

2) Write For Article Directories

After you have absorbed all the link juices from web directories, it is time to get a piece of the cake from article directories. All it takes is an additional effort to write an extra article every week which you can submit to the various article directories.

Note: Do not post the same article you have submitted to the directories on your blog. Google will see it as duplicate content and they may not be happy about it.

3) Organise Blog Contest

This is one of the fun ways to give your blog a chance to get its name out and also to build some back links the viral way. To make it simple, you can require your readers to link to your blog on their website to get a chance to enter your contest and win some attractive prizes. The most important thing to note is that the simpler it is to participate in your contest, the more responsive it will get.

4) Sponsor A WordPress Theme

Have you notice that there are many free themes that have links on their footer area? More than often, these are sponsored links. To put it in layman terms, webmasters or bloggers pay these wordpress theme creators to place a link with their desired keywords on the footer for the free theme they give away. So, each new blogger who uses this free theme will link to these sponsors automatically. However, this is not highly recommended since these footer links can be easily removed and edited most of the time.

5) Link Exchange

Before you start complaining about the downside of link exchange, I do not mean exchanging links with any possible bloggers under the sun. Run your link exchange carefully and selectively with established bloggers and make sure you limit it to 5 or less. You do not want to appear to be a link exchange freak to Google.