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This is part 2 of this article on auto-blogging.

If you haven’t read part 1 yet you can read it at the link below.

Part 1 – Simple Steps for Setting an Auto Blog

Creating your site is the most important step in autoblogiing. Your site will contain your blogs and visitors will read the contents of your site. Depending on the contents of your site, you can generate traffic and attract more visitors. The uniqueness of articles, use of correct keywords, search engine optimization and domain name and hosting will either make or break your initial efforts. To create successfully a site, here are some factors to consider.

Choose a Niche

Choosing a profitable and personally interesting niche is quite difficult. From the infinite sites discussing the same niche, you have to make yours stand out. Characteristics of an ideal niche include:

1.     Personal interest

It is extremely vital to choose a niche genuinely interests you. If you have passion for the topic, sustaining the site is easier not to mention the enjoyment that it brings about.

2.     Networking foundation

A stable site has to have networks. Pick a niche where you have active network participation. Online forums where you contribute continuously are good options.

3.     Moderate to high search volume.

Choose a niche that has a high search result in the search engine. Determine the number of people searching for the topic. Choose topics belonging to the top searches of online visitors.

4.     Potential for Monetization.

If you wish to generate money from autoblogging, determine the profitability of the topic by knowing what products or articles are selling best in the internet market. Once you have an idea on the top selling products or articles, then you can align your niche with them.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a practice of professionals to determine the actual search terms that people enter when doing online search. For your to optimize the search engine, here are some criteria when choosing your keywords.

1.      Look for “long-tail” keywords

When you have the keyword in mind, build a list of all possible combinations. You can enter your main keywords in the online keyword suggestions to obtain all possible combinations. This ensures that you cover the keywords of your potential clients.

2.      Find keyword with 1000 searches a month

Use the keyword obtaining more searches from online searching. You can include this keywords in your niche.

3.      Search from the point-of-view of potential customers

When choosing the keywords for your niche, consider the what runs in the mind of your customers.

Create Unique Content

Your site must contain unique and relevant topics. The content should ideally contain 300 to 400 words and keep it informative and relevant to your niche. Unique articles will satisfy your vistors and make them coming back.

Build Your Blog

Using either HTML editor or WordPress, you can start creating your website. Some websites even offer free HTML editors where you can set up your blog site. Of the two, bloggers prefer wordpress as it has more features for bloggers to enjoy.

Use of Auto blog Software

With the auto blog software, you can automatically update and post your articles. The system automates all previously tedious tasks like article writing, updating and posting.

This is part 2 of this article on auto-blogging.

If you haven’t read part 1 yet you can read it at the link below.

Part 1 – Simple Steps for Setting an Auto Blog

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Simple Steps for Setting an Auto Blog

Introduction To Auto Blogging

Blogging is one of the hottest craze in the internet today. People use blogs to interact with people using social forums and to make money online. The insufficient time of many bloggers, the need to update constantly their websites with articles and constant maintenance of the blog are some of the problems that bloggers encounter. Due to these foreseen crises, many bloggers consider autoblogging as the key to their quandary. This mini-course has 5 sections that will teach you how to set up an auto blog that will help you generate income.

  1. I. Understanding Autoblogging
  2. II. Creating Your Site
  3. III. Generating Traffic
  4. IV. Making Money Online
  5. V. Promoting your Auto blog

Understanding Auto blogging

Auto blogging is the choice of bloggers who lack time to blog everyday, explore new ideas and market their articles. Most of all, it is the option of those who fancy earning six figures annually. As more and more people earn money online, auto blogging is in demand. However, before you start creating your site for your blogs, is best to understand auto blogging.

Definition of Auto blogging

Auto blogging uses automated ways for blogging. Because of automation, you do not need go through the usual way of writing the contents or posting the articles manually. With auto blogging, you can automate the contents of your articles and link them for your blogs.

Benefits of Auto blogging

1. Get your work done

It only takes a few hours to set up an auto blog. When you follow the step-by-step procedures, you can leave your blog on its own and it automatically updates itself.

2. An Up to dated blog

For a blog to get constant traffic, an up to date site is crucial. If you do not constantly update your blog, you will be out of the search engine. The heart of blogging is the visitor who reads your articles. Without an updated blog, you will soon lose visitors to your site and this is not healthy for your blogs. However, constant and regular writing can take much of your time. With auto blogging, you become worry-free because it automatically updates your site.

3. Income generating


Writing is the passion of many bloggers. But nothing is more rewarding than getting income from your passion. With your hobby and interest, you can generate money online. Although for starters the earning is not much, it is still gratifying knowing that you earn by simply posting your articles. As you progress with blogging, an auto blog helps you create hundreds to thousands of blogs. The more blogs you create, the higher your earnings will be.

4. Maintenance-free site

Once you set up your auto blogging, you do not need to visit constantly the site except to check if everything is working well. You can let your computer do all the work. Take away the hassle and enjoy other things that interest you.

Tools for Auto blogging


1. Auto Plug in


Using software, you can leave your site and it will still produce innumerable articles and update your site


2. RSS feed aggregator

Article posting and data feed posting need the RSS feed aggregator to work.

3. Social Bookmarking Sites

Using famous social bookmarking sites, your blogs get better ranks in the search engine results.

4. Virtual Private Seller

A Virtual Private Server handles your domains and individual accounts for each of your blogs.

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