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If there is one thing that can make a person exit the internet marketing ranks, it would probably be the monotony of it all.  When you take a look at what the average internet marketer has to do in order to make their business work, a large part of it involves filling out forms again and again.  They fill out forms when signing up for accounts, posting messages and comments to blogs, posting articles to directories and just about anything else that you can think of that an internet marketer would have to do.  It is thankless work which is why anyone is interested in a product like RoboForm that claims to be able to help you fill those forms in automatically.

How it Works

The basic premise of RoboForm is a simple one.  Whenever you enter in a piece of information that you would type on a frequent basis, you can ask RoboForm to save the information for you.  RoboForm will then save each of the answers, keying them to the names of the fields as they exist on that form.  Then, when you move to the next form, you can ask RoboForm to fill in the saved information and all of the same fields will get the same entries as before.  You can save multiple forms to get different pieces of information into your database and you can even configure certain parameters yourself so that you can use it on the first form without actually having to save anything first.

Does it Work?

RoboForm works very well, but there are some caveats to this overall assessment.  For fields that will be present on just about every form you fill out, RoboForm is fantastic.  These include things like your name, contact information, personal information, username and password.  For all of these fields and indeed any field that you have already saved, you can expect RoboForm to have perfect recall.  If you want the same thing typed each time in the field with the same name on different websites, RoboForm will definitely do that for you.

Two problems commonly arise with RoboForm however, the first of which is when you want inconsistent information.  For example, you might want a different password on different sites or you might want a different username.  Furthermore, you might have different possibilities on different sites and for all of those inconsistent fields, RoboForm is useless at best and downright harmful at worst.  The trick to dealing with this drawback is to make sure that the only info RoboForm types into your forms is the information that you want to put down in all of your forms.  If you use it that way, RoboForm can be extremely useful and cut down your time by minutes on each form fill-out.

The second problem is when you have a form that isn’t totally filled out.  This happens frequently for the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Because of that, RoboForm is not the be all and end all solution to this problem, but it will save you a lot of time over the long term if you use it properly.

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