An Easy Way To Increase Your Blogging Productivity


Increasing Blogging Productivity

Distractions and other time zappers can be very detrimental to your bottom line. If you’re using blogging to make a steady income, you do indeed have a bottom line and you need to do everything you can to add to the amount of profit you bring in. However, you can quickly destroy your chances of bringing in maximum profits if you are prone to distractions.

Distractions plague me too, but I have found a simple way to make my blogging more productive. First, let me explain what distractions are. They are the little things that turn into big things like checking your email every fifteen minutes or visiting a particular forum to see what the hot topic of discussion is.  Plus there are many other things to do on the internet such as watching videos or reading different ebooks to grow your business. Doing these things may seem useful and fun, but little by little, they eat away at your time and before you know it, you haven’t gotten anything really done for your blog. Perhaps you have gotten anything done, but maybe that wasn’t the most important thing.

A simple thing you can do to zap those distractions is to make a check list. Writing tasks down puts them in your long term memory.  If you never write something down, it will just be in your short term memory, and it will be very easy for you to forget it.  If you make a list ordered by your top priorities to your lowest priorities, you will find that almost naturally, you will get more things done. Your blog will begin to flourish because each day you will get the activities that will really propel your business completed.

A simple written checklist will greatly increase your level of productivity because you will have a written record of what your priorities are. In an instant, you’ll know what absolutely must be done.

A checklist is one of the most effective ways of managing the time you put into your business. However, it is not the only way. You can also download specific software that will tell you just how much time you spend on a certain site and will keep you from visiting particular sites altogether. This kind of software can often be found online for free. Some of it comes in the form of a simple firefox extension.

Using this type of software can help your business immensely. However, many blogging experts still believe that a written, detailed checklist is the best way to go. Therefore, try out the software, but don’t neglect the power of writing things down.

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