How to Get Your Blog Off and Running


“Get Your Blog Off and Running From The Start”

Blogging isn’t getting any easier these days. That statement may come as a surprise to you because many of the bloggers you hear about who are making six figure incomes on the web sure make it seem like blogging is a simple as sitting down and writing a few poignant stories. Well forget all of that.

Sure your audience will want to read good information, but if you don’t follow some simple tried and true steps to get your blog off and running, your blog might never gain the popularity you need it to. Your blogging endeavors just won’t be successful if you don’t do some very basic things to get the whole thing off and running. Here’s what those things are.

Write often. If you are a beginning blogger, somehow you have to get some content on the blog. Google will favor a blog that looks like it’s the authority on a particular subject. To become the authority on something, you have to show your knowledge about it by continuing to write. Aim for a realistic goal, but one that will push you a bit at the same time. To get off and running, you may want to write about six posts per week. A bit later you can put more of your focus on marketing and a little less on posting, but the goal is still to post often. Don’t go more than a week without posting, and like I said, if you are just starting out, post very often.

Keep your writing conversational, clear and to the point. Bloggers don’t have time to read through the lines or figure out what you may have meant. You have to remember this isn’t literature. It’s conversation. Also, since the internet is an international medium, you have to remember that people who know English as only their second language may be reading your blog. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you blog is clear and easy to read.

You don’t want to publish the same material that can be found somewhere else. Generally, not only does Google want you to look like the authority on a particular subject, but your audience as well.  You’ll be surprised how many people will like your blog if you go the extra mile by doing a bit more reporting or getting some extra interviews.

Feed reader’s needs by writing about what they are interested in. Google Trends is a great way to tap into what people are searching for. However, another search engine, called is a human based search engine. The results are driven by real people who are searching for things. On the other hand, Google uses complex algorithms for its search results.

It may be a year before your blog gains dedicated followers, so don’t hope for overnight success. However, if you are passionate about your writing, you feed your audience’s need, and you blog often, your blog will be off and running in no time.

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