How to Get Dedicated Readers for Your Blog


It’s not difficult to get dedicated readers for your blog.

There are no guarantees in life, but there may be some in blogging. For instance, if your blog doesn’t get any traffic, there’s a guarantee that you won’t get any sales or adsense clicks. If you blog is not enjoyable to read, people probably won’t read it, and if no one can find your blog, you will not get visitors. Since these are the guarantees in blogging, you’ll want to make it your focus to get readers. You don’t just want people to visit your blog once and never come back.

Instead, what you want are dedicated readers.  Dedicated readers will begin to trust and buy from you. I’m sure you’ve heard the popular phrase, “the money is in the list.” Believe me, this is very true. A large list of subscribers will increase your sales for you. The only way to grow your list is to get people to sign up and willingly let you email them free newsletters or information about products. You won’t have any problems building your list if you know what to do to gain dedicated readers for your blog. Here’s how you can do just that.

You have to first get comfortable with the idea that there’s nothing new under the sun.  Today’s weight loss tips are often the same as yesterday’s. Today’s cute pet shop items are often a take on something that was created a while back. However what is different is personality, meaning the person who is writing about these things. You are different from every other person on the earth. If you can add a special personality, a little flare to your blog, you will be able to set yourself apart from the other blogs.

What do I mean here? Think the special connection that Oprah makes with her audiences. Think the no nonsense flare that Dr. Phil has on his talk show.  You have something to offer to your readers that no one else has.  Therefore, when you sit down to blog, blog with passion and know that you and your writing is what will make the difference.

People aren’t going to become dedicated to reading the same rehashed stuff they can find with a simple Google search. They want something a little different. That’s the first step to gaining dedicated readers.

Secondly, you’ll need to write about what people want to read about. Discover what the current internet buzz is. You can do this by checking out Google trends and seeing what the top searches are for the day. This is one of the easiest ways to tap into the “internet buzz.”  You can also find out what kind of information people are looking for by surfing the internet. Look at the popular news sites such as MSN or Associated Press. Look at the Google News alerts to see what the most popular news stories are. Your blog may not be about these subjects. However, if you are creative, you can somehow work one or some of these topics into a blog post.  If you do this on a semi regular or regular basis, your blog will begin to become sort of an authority on current events and readers will keep coming to your blog because they know you keep up with what’s going on.

It’s not difficult to get dedicated readers for your blog. Just tap into what your readers want and the unique way that only you can give it to them.

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