How to Attract and Lure People Through Your Marketing Message

Marketing is all about attracting and luring people to your product and services by any which way. The idea is to “get noticed”, irrespective of the means used.

How many times has it happened with you that unknowingly you have been attracted to some advertisement simply because it was so compelling that you could not avoid it?

This is not just the case with advertisements. In fact, this curiosity is there in every sphere of our life. We as humans are always interested in anything out of ordinary. For example, you would have noticed many times that people out of curiosity, have crowded around an accident scene wanting to know what has happened.

Fascination with Newness

This is all because people have a fascination for new things. It is this pursuit of new, which guides everyone. You can observe this from your daily routine. Everyday you switch on the news to find out what’s the latest development in the world. It is for the same reason that you read the daily newspaper.

When you meet your friends and colleagues one of the first questions that you ask them generally is “What’s new?” You are interested in knowing what has been happening lately in their lives. You are not interested in hearing about things that you already know.

The same rule also applies in the field of marketing and advertisements. A marketing message should compel people to sit up and take notice of the product and service. The message should be so strong that whether the people want to or not they should be forced to read it.

If by chance, your marketing is not able to do this then you certainly need to think about bringing a change to the message. You have to analyse and see for yourself what it is that your marketing lacks. What have you overlooked? Why are people not taking the trouble to go through your advertisement?

Often the answer can be found in the fact that people are interested in new thoughts and ideas. They will go through your advertisement only if they find anything new in it. Nobody is interested in the same old story.

It is up to you to find out new things to say about your product and service. If you are unable to do so then you can be sure that your marketing would become lifeless. A lifeless marketing is sure to give you equally lifeless sales.

Generate Freshness in your Marketing Message

However, finding something new and saying it in the right compelling way is not an easy task. Most people are of the opinion that they don’t have anything new to say about their product. After all, it is the same old product.

Agreed this is so but what one has to do is revamp the old product and sell it afresh to the people. Something like, an old wine in a new bottle.

It may not be a simple task but it is certainly not impossible. What one needs to do is to figure out the areas in which one can generate freshness about the product.

This freshness could be generated in any sphere such as pricing, packaging, production process etc.

Perhaps the product is being made in collaboration with some other company then this too can become part of the marketing. It is after all a new feature of the product.

However, if at times one is totally at sea and cannot find anything at all new to say about the product then one can perhaps try to look at it from the point of view of the customer.

Look at the product from his viewpoint and try to find areas, which may attract him. One should come up with something so exciting about it that the excitement should pass on to the customers, making them excited too.

Once one has figured out what to say then say it such panache that the audiences are compelled to listen.

Try your best

Think of the marketing message, be it in the form of a print, television, web, email advertisement, as a TV program that the audiences are watching. Then see, whether it is compelling enough for them to continue watching it or will they switch over to some other channel.

This will allow you to rate the marketing yourself and try harder to get that magical message. Remember, try, try, try again and you will get it.

Try a little harder and you will be surprised at the number of messages that you can come up. Compare them and see whether they have the ability to hold the audiences or not. If yes fine, if no then get down to, work once again.

Don’t forget it is the marketing which will make your product or service sell like hot cakes.

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