Growing your Business Internationally with some help from a Gigantic Internet Website

stand_out_from_the_crowdBefore discussing one of the most popular sites in the history of the internet, it is important to lay the groundwork by talking about one of the oldest concepts in the business world.  That concept is brand recognition.

In order to see brand recognition at work, take a moment to do an exercise in thought.  Say you are sitting at home one evening and you decide you want to go out and get a burger.  If you were to do this, what would be the first place that would come into your mind?  If you are like most people, chances are you would say McDonald’s, Harvey’s, Burger King, Wendy’s or any of the other major fast food chains that are known around the world.

You are not saying this because of their proximity or their quality, but rather because they are a brand you are familiar with.  A familiar brand provides an easy search point and that is why companies with recognized brands can easily outperform their counterparts.  They get all the search business because people that know their brands search for them directly.

Leveraging the Internet for your Brand

Now that you get how brands are supposed to work on a basic level, you can put this information to good use with your own internet brand.  Keep in mind that you do not have to actually have a brand in order to create brand recognition.  Your brand could be your name.  If you want your name to be associated with good products in a certain niche, the way to do it is to get your name out there with positive associations in as many of the areas that deal with that niche as possible.  When you do this, social media is easily one of your best friends.

The Facebook Effect

The somewhat coy title aside, Facebook has quickly boomed into becoming one of the most successful internet sites around.  With millions of different people on Facebook, getting your message out through that particular website is very easy to do.  Many people look at lots of people as extra competition, but you should look at them as simply additional customers for your brand name.

When you have your own name or your brand on Facebook for example, you have a specific place where people can go in order to find information about you.  If you continue to put out valuable content on Facebook, on your website and elsewhere throughout your marketing empire, you will find your brand name growing in terms of recognition.  More and more people will start searching for you and finding you on Facebook, because Facebook has great rankings in Google search results.  It really ends up turning into a cycle of positive feedback that you can grow even faster by adding other sites like MySpace and Twitter into the mix.

None of this becomes possible however without starting with a brand name that you then plaster all over the internet.  Facebook is one of your best tools for that particular task given how popular it already is.

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