Flash Audio – Capturing Site Visitor Attention in a Flash

Flash Audio Benefits

Adding sound to your site can be more convenient and it can also provide a more personal touch. But why flash audio and not other sound formats?

• It works well with the most popular media players, which most of your site visitors will readily have. In instances where downloading is necessary, your users can easily get a player that is easy to find and is free to install.

• Flash audio is user-friendly and compatible with most browsers.

• It is compatible with most music types and can play different sounds on different links.

• Flash audio has the highest installed base of all media players, arguably installed in 98% of all computers.

•It’s got very modest hardware requirements.

Flash Audio Do’s and Don’ts

Studies show that you have about 30 seconds to really capture the attention of a site visitor, and in about 3 minutes, he or she will decide if your site is good or not. As such, do NOT forget that the aim of flash audio on your site is to make people STAY.


• Do make flash audio a matter of choice. Provide a button where a site visitor can choose to listen to your flash audio or not.

• If you think that it’s best to have flash audio automatically start when your site is accessed, do ensure that your flash audio is easy to turn off. First time site visitors may like hearing it but at a certain point it may get annoying and you do want them to come back right? As such, make sure that an easily accessible on/off button is present.

• Do ensure that your flash audio is of good sound and content quality. True, Macromedia Flash is great software so ‘good sound’ is almost always guaranteed but what if your flash audio is a ‘narrative’ where somebody is ‘talking’ or relating something? In this regard, it is important that the context of the flash audio is professionally done so as not to annoy the site visitor.


• Not everybody has a fast Internet connection. Don’t make your flash audio too long or too ‘heavy’ that it takes forever to load. It’s one sure way to make visitors leave your site.

• Don’t put flash audio if the product or service you are promoting really does not require one. (It’s hard to think of paper supplies with audio isn’t it?)

Audio – Capturing Site Visitor Attention in a Flash. To learn more visit http://www.easyflashaudiowizard.com

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