Have You Highlighted the Biggest Benefits of Your Product Or Service?

Often it has been noticed that while exhorting on the virtues of a product, the site overlooks the best selling points of the product or the service. The assets are discussed in detail while the essentials are overlooked. This is detrimental to the development of a site and selling of the service.

The most important factor to be considered is addressing the issue of “what will the product or service DO for the user?”

However, in addition to this core issue is another aspect that must be addressed when you want to catapult your sales into higher zones and want to enhance your subscriber base. This important aspect that must be brought to the notice of the prospective clients is the ‘hidden benefit’ that would accrue to the customer when he signs on for the new service or product that you offer.

This is not the only benefit that is available to the customer. He also gets additional benefits that combine to make a large whole. This too is a benefit that lurks in the background and is to be sought aggressively as it remains hidden unless unearthed. This is known as the ‘Deeper Hidden Benefit’. These are the benefits that the customer has to be made aware of so that he is lured to the service and make your sales grow exponentially.

When you address the requirements of a specific set of people, it is easier to cater to these and the designing can be suited to meet these desires. These are the times when hidden benefits are easier to uncover as compared to when you are looking to the general public for subscription.

This can be best fathomed when we consider a live example of the ever increasing weight loss market that is attracting people like bees.

PRODUCT: Weight loss product

FEATURE: The product helps you in losing weight

BENEFIT: You’ll be more attractive to the opposite sex and you’ll feel much better

HIDDEN BENEFIT: Impress everyone at your college or school reunion or functions that matter to you

DEEPER HIDDEN BENEFIT: You will feel great and will be able to get back at that loud mouth at school who thought you’d be a ‘fattie’, all your life.

It just takes a deep and dedicated thought about the whole product for you to realize the various benefits that accrue for a client and then to highlight them so as to attract them to join your service. The bottom line is, tell the customer what he wants to know and he will get attracted to your site and sign on – just what you want him to.

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