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This weekend ( Saturday, June 13th, at 12:01am) Facebook will introduce vanity urls for their Facebook members. What this means instead of having a facebook url with a million numbers on it, you could now have

facebook.com/yourname. Unfortunately, this has it’s downside as most thing’s in life. How many people out there have the same name as you, and how many people are out there already trying to game the system for potential profit.

Protecting Your Trademark/Identity
We’ve already seen plenty of this on Twitter, and how several “fake” celebrities and accounts have been made. We are guaranteed to see the same thing happen all over again with Facebook. However, Facebook already knows this and they aren’t planning on letting this go unnoticed. If you already have a trademarked name that you want to use and protect, head over to this page and fill out this form. It’s best to try and get your name once the registrations go live, rather than have to deal with a legal battle later on.

Using Facebook Vanity URL for Profit
Just like a domain, have a facebook.com/keyword url can be very profitable. Think about how much more convincing your offer or page will look, if you have facebook.com/legal or facebook.com/ringtones. The average user would almost assume that was an offer or product endorse, or from Facebook direct.

When Vanity URLs Go Live & How
The flood gates will open at Saturday, June 13th, at 12:01am. http://www.facebook.com/username/ is the url you will need to access to create a vanity url for your facebook account. Once you’ve chosen a vanity name, there is no changing or going back… choose wisely!

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