Videos and Video Marketing Online – The Many Benefits

How can you use videos and video marketing online? What are the benefits of incorporating it in your business and web strategy? Learn more about using videos and video marketing online to get started.

A recent statistic claimed that over 50% of on line traffic is through video. YouTube videos account for a whopping 12% of all web traffic. The fact is you need to add some component of video to your marketing plan to get the best results possible-it’s that simple.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to make the switch to video. You can get a decent recording with any camcorder these days. You may need to learn a little about lighting and background and of course using the camera itself-but really, that’s it.

You can get video ideas and templates from other marketer’s on line. You want to explain all the wonderful aspects of your products on your video. Explain what your product or service can do for the customer. It is also popular to get video testimonials from satisfied consumers.

There are web sites and ebooks out there to explain exactly how to tape video. Video marketing is as essential tool. YouTube Videos have limits from 3 to 10 minutes. You can send your video to dozens of websites at the same time.

First you will have to get an account with a site but they do the rest of the uploading. There are many web video sites out their like, just to name a few.

Your uploaded video can be ranked on Google within a half an hour. Marketing video work by engaging people with good information and leave them with your web address across the screen (and wanting to visit to learn more). You can even promote affiliate products on videos and send them to your link.

It has been proven if you use a good video along with some great content and/or writing, it really can attract more traffic to your site. The conversion rate will increase drastically in many cases. The conversion rate is the percentage of traffic that goes to the affiliate links and buys something.

Your SEO Video Title should be the same as your YouTube Title. Do not forget that YouTube is the third top visited web site out there. Instructional videos on products are also a good marketing strategy. Show how your tools, information, or whatever your product is…works!

Since YouTube gets millions of visitors a day the visitor can get the copy of your video and publish it somewhere else on your blog or website potentially spreading your affiliate products ad sales. These videos spread so fast that that is why it is called viral marketing.

Google owns YouTube and Google is the top search engine. Getting your video on YouTube will help your website rank higher in the search engines-especially the main player, you guessed it, Google. There are plenty of other video sites where you can upload your videos though. Just a few include Yahoo Video, MetaCafe, MySpace and Daily Motion. The more places you send your videos the more they will be seen.

There are some other basic things to think about when making your video. You want to dress appropriately and act professional. Make sure the content is clear and informational. You are on your way to more traffic and more money with video marketing.

If you want to learn more about video tutorials and how to get started with them, you can start with using PLR videos to build up your online business and make money from home…visit for a lot more.

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Video Tutorials – What You Should Know

Video tutorials are great, but what exactly should you know about them? Can you apply them to your business? Are they any good for teaching people things or are they all hype? Learn more about video tutorials by reading on…

Video tutorials have become common on the Internet along with video marketing and video products. Video tutorials have not replaced ebooks entirely but act as a great adjunct to written information. Some people learn best by watching others rather than by reading.

Ebooks can become lengthy, technical and boring-it’s just the way it is. They are still valuable but do have a good handful of drawbacks. Videos can produce a step by step visual of how to perform a task or an explanation on how to perform a task with examples you can see with your own eyes.

Sometimes video tutorials are interactive. You are communicating and performing tasks with instructions and feedback. If you need to participate in the information transmission it will keep you much more alert and may help you retain the information better than just reading a script.

When people find videos interesting or informative they are more likely to pass it on to someone else to watch. Think of all the videos on television selling products and showing people how to use them. The Internet is not any different with all its video marketing that is happening non-stop, around the clock. The two are quite similar.

Some people find that after seeing an informative video on a subject that it helps them get through the corresponding e-book with a better understanding and comprehension of the material. Some of us are just not readers and need that visual stimulation to clear it all up.

Videos can walk you through what you are doing step by step in real time. That is a definite advantage over reading a how to ebook. Especially if you are not Internet savvy. Some of us do not want to know why we have to perform a certain step-just how to do it.

Video marketing and on-line video tutorials and products are here to stay. They will not completely replace ebooks for learning or other kinds of advertisements but their growth is exponential and catching on pretty quickly. A great example of this is Interactive learning videos for children which are incredibly valuable. For example, a child is much more engaged on the computer than when reading a book in many cases. But do we replace books all together? Of course not. Books will not be replaced by computers, just like eBooks won’t be replaced by video tutorials.

Computers and video tutorials are just another learning tool that are fun and easy to use.

The best way to learn or retain information from the Internet is probably to use both a video tutorial and a written ebook together. They will reinforce each other and the learning process.

Just remember if you provide tremendous value to your viewers and get them interested in what you have to say you can get a great following going and generate a ton of traffic while teaching people and helping to fix their problems. This is the essence of being effective with video tutorials and videos in general. The more value you deliver in your video the more likely someone is to jump in and buy what you have to offer that is for sale, just remember that when you go to start up your video tutorials. Video marketing and using tutorials is a great way to get traffic and sales just make sure you follow these guide lines and advice.

If you want to learn more about PLR videos and video tutorials and how to get started with PLR videos, visit for a lot more.

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