Why are People Leaving Websites?

Have you ever wondered what the most popular reasons are that people
leave websites? Recently, Kissmetrics put out some very interesting
data and numbers that should help every marketer out there understand
their viewer behavior just a little bit better.

Poor Navigation and Layout

If your website is poorly designed and difficult to navigate, people
will leave it. Quickly. Don’t make this mistake and be sure to use
logical and intuitive design when planning your layout. The main
navigation links should be across the top or down the left of your
screen. All pictures should be clear and related directly to the site,
telling a story or providing information. Your text shouldn’t contain
confusing links which are vaguely labeled and buried in the main body.
Additionally, always add a sitemap.

Overkill Advertising

Have you ever gotten to a site and had pop-up ad after pop-up ad? Or
Flash ads or content that fills the entire screen which leaves you
searching for dozens of little “X” buttons on the boxes every few
seconds? Horrible. This is why people leave sites: too many ads.
Never let an ad be the first thing to welcome your visitor to your site.
They shouldn’t be obtrusive or cover up a portion of the content as if
to say, “You’re only allowed to read that after you pay attention to
this ad!” Keep it tasteful, relevant and as always, make sure your ads
are much, much smaller than your content, otherwise you look like a spam

Horrid Structure of Content

If your site is a jumbled mess of content where nobody can find what
they are looking for, watch your bounce rate climb through the roof!
There should be a logical flow to your content as it draws visitors
deeper into your sales funnel at each step. Keep content that should be
together all on one page, not scattered over three or four. Group
similar content together to make it easy to navigate deeper into the
subject matter. Highlight keywords and don’t forget subheadings in

Automatic Audio and Video

People can find a video on your page if they want to. They don’t need
you to auto-play content and possibly blow their eardrums out if they
have headphones in, wake up the baby if they forgot to turn the speakers
off or slow-down their loading process with
skiÑppÑingÑspeeÑchÑpa-tt-erÑns. Give them the option to start the audio
or video themselves, or at the very least, start the volume very low and
give the user a quick option to exit the audio or video without exiting
the website.

Registration Requirements

You’ve been Googling for half an hour, you’re about to lose your
mindÑfinally, you find the product you’re looking for, get on the site
and BAM! A registration requirement pops up acting as a physical
barrier between you and the pot of gold. You consider signing up but
you will not give into this type of bullying! You hop in your car and
drive off to the store to buy the product, happy that you defeated the
evil internet for at least today. Yeah, don’t be that website. At
least offer a little preview or demo first so they can see what you’re
offering before you twist their arm.

As you can see, an intelligently designed and well-written and
thought-out website can eliminate a lot of high bounce rates that are
out there. If your product or service is great, give it a chance to
speak for itself. Don’t lose the war before the battle even begins!

Of course after you spend the time setting up a website with low bounce,
you’ll want to make sure to back up your website so you don’t have to do
all the work over again if something goes wrong.

For a simple to use plugin to backup, clone & protect your WordPress
blogs check out Backup Creator .

Click here to check it out:


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An Easy Way of Creating Your Blog

Creating Your Blog

This is part 2 of this article on auto-blogging.

If you haven’t read part 1 yet you can read it at the link below.

Part 1 – Simple Steps for Setting an Auto Blog

Creating your site is the most important step in autoblogiing. Your site will contain your blogs and visitors will read the contents of your site. Depending on the contents of your site, you can generate traffic and attract more visitors. The uniqueness of articles, use of correct keywords, search engine optimization and domain name and hosting will either make or break your initial efforts. To create successfully a site, here are some factors to consider.

Choose a Niche

Choosing a profitable and personally interesting niche is quite difficult. From the infinite sites discussing the same niche, you have to make yours stand out. Characteristics of an ideal niche include:

1.     Personal interest

It is extremely vital to choose a niche genuinely interests you. If you have passion for the topic, sustaining the site is easier not to mention the enjoyment that it brings about.

2.     Networking foundation

A stable site has to have networks. Pick a niche where you have active network participation. Online forums where you contribute continuously are good options.

3.     Moderate to high search volume.

Choose a niche that has a high search result in the search engine. Determine the number of people searching for the topic. Choose topics belonging to the top searches of online visitors.

4.     Potential for Monetization.

If you wish to generate money from autoblogging, determine the profitability of the topic by knowing what products or articles are selling best in the internet market. Once you have an idea on the top selling products or articles, then you can align your niche with them.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a practice of professionals to determine the actual search terms that people enter when doing online search. For your to optimize the search engine, here are some criteria when choosing your keywords.

1.      Look for “long-tail” keywords

When you have the keyword in mind, build a list of all possible combinations. You can enter your main keywords in the online keyword suggestions to obtain all possible combinations. This ensures that you cover the keywords of your potential clients.

2.      Find keyword with 1000 searches a month

Use the keyword obtaining more searches from online searching. You can include this keywords in your niche.

3.      Search from the point-of-view of potential customers

When choosing the keywords for your niche, consider the what runs in the mind of your customers.

Create Unique Content

Your site must contain unique and relevant topics. The content should ideally contain 300 to 400 words and keep it informative and relevant to your niche. Unique articles will satisfy your vistors and make them coming back.

Build Your Blog

Using either HTML editor or WordPress, you can start creating your website. Some websites even offer free HTML editors where you can set up your blog site. Of the two, bloggers prefer wordpress as it has more features for bloggers to enjoy.

Use of Auto blog Software

With the auto blog software, you can automatically update and post your articles. The system automates all previously tedious tasks like article writing, updating and posting.

This is part 2 of this article on auto-blogging.

If you haven’t read part 1 yet you can read it at the link below.

Part 1 – Simple Steps for Setting an Auto Blog

As always leave your comments below 🙂

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Inbox Supremacy

Simple Steps for Setting an Auto Blog

Introduction To Auto Blogging

Blogging is one of the hottest craze in the internet today. People use blogs to interact with people using social forums and to make money online. The insufficient time of many bloggers, the need to update constantly their websites with articles and constant maintenance of the blog are some of the problems that bloggers encounter. Due to these foreseen crises, many bloggers consider autoblogging as the key to their quandary. This mini-course has 5 sections that will teach you how to set up an auto blog that will help you generate income.

  1. I. Understanding Autoblogging
  2. II. Creating Your Site
  3. III. Generating Traffic
  4. IV. Making Money Online
  5. V. Promoting your Auto blog

Understanding Auto blogging

Auto blogging is the choice of bloggers who lack time to blog everyday, explore new ideas and market their articles. Most of all, it is the option of those who fancy earning six figures annually. As more and more people earn money online, auto blogging is in demand. However, before you start creating your site for your blogs, is best to understand auto blogging.

Definition of Auto blogging

Auto blogging uses automated ways for blogging. Because of automation, you do not need go through the usual way of writing the contents or posting the articles manually. With auto blogging, you can automate the contents of your articles and link them for your blogs.

Benefits of Auto blogging

1. Get your work done

It only takes a few hours to set up an auto blog. When you follow the step-by-step procedures, you can leave your blog on its own and it automatically updates itself.

2. An Up to dated blog

For a blog to get constant traffic, an up to date site is crucial. If you do not constantly update your blog, you will be out of the search engine. The heart of blogging is the visitor who reads your articles. Without an updated blog, you will soon lose visitors to your site and this is not healthy for your blogs. However, constant and regular writing can take much of your time. With auto blogging, you become worry-free because it automatically updates your site.

3. Income generating


Writing is the passion of many bloggers. But nothing is more rewarding than getting income from your passion. With your hobby and interest, you can generate money online. Although for starters the earning is not much, it is still gratifying knowing that you earn by simply posting your articles. As you progress with blogging, an auto blog helps you create hundreds to thousands of blogs. The more blogs you create, the higher your earnings will be.

4. Maintenance-free site

Once you set up your auto blogging, you do not need to visit constantly the site except to check if everything is working well. You can let your computer do all the work. Take away the hassle and enjoy other things that interest you.

Tools for Auto blogging


1. Auto Plug in


Using software, you can leave your site and it will still produce innumerable articles and update your site


2. RSS feed aggregator

Article posting and data feed posting need the RSS feed aggregator to work.

3. Social Bookmarking Sites

Using famous social bookmarking sites, your blogs get better ranks in the search engine results.

4. Virtual Private Seller

A Virtual Private Server handles your domains and individual accounts for each of your blogs.

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to auto blogging 🙂

Look out for part 2 of auto blogging in the next few days.

As always please leave your thoughts and comments below.

How to Get Free One Way Backlinks Virally

One way backlinks is one of the best and most effective ways to get high positions in search engines and milk these positions for targeted traffic. But getting quality one way links is a big job.

Free Traffic System is a new project that helps you to get top quality one way links for free – unlimited number of one way links, because you build as many as you need. Moreover, Free Traffic System has integrated a brand new concept of viral marketing, rewarding its members with bonus one way links.

Before getting to the viral part of the project, it is important to explain where exactly you are getting these backlinks. The backlinks are built inside real blog posts, not in the footer or blogroll – in the very body of the real, unique blog post. This is the most safe way to build one way links, because you give real unique content to the visitors in the blog posts and search engines will always welcome it – search engines were created to help people in finding quality information in the Internet.

You get backlinks from relevant sites that belong to real people in different niches. Natural, safe and smart way to build backlinks for free. You submit one article to Free Traffic System and it converts into up to 60 top quality one way backlinks! And – unlike traditional article marketing – no one will delete your backlinks from the article, like they do when stealing your content from article directories.

The viral part of Free Traffic System is simple – they reward people for bringing others into this free project. You are receiving a BONUS backlink on every 3rd post that people whom you referred to Free Traffic System are making. This means you get bonus backlink on article No 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, etc. of all people who got into the system via the affiliate link.

As every article can be republished on up to 30 sites in Free Traffic System, this means that one article with your bonus link equals to 30 backlinks from Free Traffic System. 2 articles = 60 bonus backlinks, 3 articles = 90 bonus backlinks. And this is in addition to the unlimited backlinks that you can build inside Free Traffic System yourself.

And the final perk of the viral strategy. If you add at least one WordPress blog to Free Traffic System, they instantly increase the number of bonus backlinks by 7%.

So, in Free Traffic System you get:

– free backlinks that you build yourself
– viral bonus backlinks for affiliating people into the project
– viral bonus backlinks for adding your blog(s) to Free Traffic System

With this free backlink building power targeted traffic from search engines becomes just a matter of time.

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free Unlimited One Way Links

Inbox Supremacy

List Of Blog Directories

Submit Your Blog To Blog Directories

Submit your Blog Url or RSS Feed to as many blog directories as possible and gain maximum exposure. It is a very efficient way of advertising and gaining free targeted traffic for your blog. It is also very useful for getting quality inbound links if your blog provides valuable content and resources to others. By your blog to blog directories, blog readers are able to locate your blog easily and I believe that is your main goal for setting up your blog. That is to reach out to many concerned readers as possible.

If there is a blog directory that I have missed out or if you wish to list your blog directory, just leave a comment with the neccesary details here and I will update it as soon as I see it. Thanks!

List Of Blog Directories

  1. 2Rss
  2. 5starblogs
  3. Addurlblog
  4. Addyourblog
  5. Allblogs
  6. Answers
  7. Bestblogs
  8. Biggerblogger
  9. Blloggs
  10. Blog Catalog
  11. Blog Search
  12. Blogadr
  13. Blogannounce
  14. Blogarama
  15. Blogbib
  16. Blogbunch
  17. BlogCatalog
  18. Blogcode
  19. Blog-collector
  20. Blogdigger
  21. Blogdir
  22. Blogdirectory
  23. Blogdirectory : Blogtory
  24. Blogdirs
  25. Blogdup
  26. Blogdust
  27. Blogexplosion
  28. Blogflux
  29. Bloggapedia
  30. Blogged
  31. Bloggeries
  32. Bloggernity
  33. Bloggernow
  34. Bloghints
  35. Bloghop
  36. Bloghub
  37. Blogintro
  38. Bloglines
  39. Bloglisting
  40. Blogpoint
  41. Blogpulse
  42. Blogrankings
  43. Blogroll
  44. Blogs BOTW
  45. Blogs For Small Business
  46. Blogscanada
  47. Blogscholar
  48. Blogscollection
  49. Blog-search
  50. Blogsrating
  51. Blogstreet
  52. Blogsweet
  53. Blogtagstic
  54. Blogtoplist
  55. Bloguniverse
  56. Blogwatch
  57. Bloogz
  58. BOTW Blog Directory
  59. Britblog
  60. Browseblogs
  61. Bulletize fee
  62. Chinabloglist
  63. Chordata
  64. ContentsMatter
  65. Crayon
  66. Delightfulblogs
  67. Diarist
  68. DreamTeamMoney Directory
  69. Eatonweb
  70. Emarketingblogs
  71. Etalkinghead
  72. Feedage
  73. Feedboy
  74. Feednuts
  75. FeedsFarm
  76. Feed Directory – 88tem.com
  77. Findingblog
  78. Findory
  79. FyberSearch
  80. Geekyspeaky
  81. Getblogs
  82. Globeofblogs
  83. Gobignetwork
  84. Highclassblogs
  85. Iblogbusiness
  86. Industryblogs
  87. Jenett
  88. Kmax
  89. LSBlogs
  90. Misohoni
  91. MyBlogLog
  92. NewsGator
  93. Photoblogdirectory
  94. Plazoo
  95. Portal.eatonweb fee
  96. Postami fee
  97. Pressradar
  98. Quickblogdirectory
  99. Rateitall
  100. Readablog
  101. Redtram
  102. Sarthak
  103. Scienceport
  104. Search4blogs
  105. Small Business Blog
  106. SmallBusiness.com
  107. Sportsblog
  108. Strategic Board
  109. Syndic8
  110. Tailrank
  111. Technorati
  112. Thevital
  113. Tomstopsites
  114. Top 100 Bloggers
  115. Topblogsites
  116. Topix
  117. TruthLaidBear
  118. Weblogalot
  119. Wilsdomain reciprocal
  120. Wingee
  121. Yahoo Blog Directory

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