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February 2015 Audio Tip


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What’s New for Internet Marketing in 2015?

So, right about now your newsfeed is probably littered with predictions
for internet marketing in 2015, ringing in the New Year with “insider
knowledge” in your pocket, blah, blah, baitclick. What a drastic change
from each one of the past ten New Years blog trends, no? Do you want to
know what is going to happen with internet marketing next year in no
uncertain terms: the same thing that is happening right now.

The Most Exciting Prediction in the World

Here it is: trends are going to continue; they are not going to reverse.
Things that are working right now are going to continue to work and
slightly change as the weeks turn into months. Things that are not
working any more will stop being used. If something new comes out that
works, people will start to move towards that tool/technique.

Brilliant, no? Actually, what I’m really trying to get at here is that
the current trends are only going to get more in-depth. And as for new
trends, you’re going to have to keep your ear to the ground and your
eyes to blogs to follow them. Don’t rely on a once a year prediction
blog to set your internet marketing strategy for 2015, this is the age
of real time pivoting and actionable metrics. If you aren’t plugged in
24/7, you’re run the risk of missing out on something big and falling

If Marketing Trends Were Ponies Which Would I Bet On?

But if you are really dying to know what I think about the marketing
trends that will be the hottest in this upcoming year, I guess I can put
in some picks for you, but as I said, your best gauge for next year’s
success is your own intuition and your own research. After all, isn’t
it your money and livelihood on the line?

– Mobile marketing will continue to be on the top of everyone’s “must”
list but honestly, unless you’re running a huge website, I’m going to go
ahead and tell the truth: every one has been predicting this trend for
the past four or five years. When are we “there” and not “striving for
there” already? If your site isn’t mobile-friendly by now, chances are
you’re not in business.

– SEO will continue to be blurred along with content creation and social
media. What we have now is a digital marketing operation that is
focused on driving traffic and sales. Or conversions. Or whatever you
want to call them. The point is, the once finely delineated departments
of internet marketing are all lumped together. Watch for this mixed
cauldron to continue to be stirred until unrecognizable as separate

– Content will still be king. SEO will still be dead. Everybody will
continue to say it and argue about it, but the fact remains that the
more quality content you have that is written for your customers and not
for search engines the better ranking and sales you will have.

– Metrics and analytics will continue to be super-important as well
real-time pivoting, so if you aren’t paying attention to what customer
behavior yet, your time is rapidly drawing near to being “too late.”

Now, before you say there was nothing of value there, remember what I
said earlier. You are the only one who can bring value to your internet
marketing and it’s not going to come from the predictions of a quick
email on 2015 internet marketing trends. I don’t care who writes it,
the fact of the matter is, you have to pay attention year round if you
want to get to the heart of the matter.

Of course, no matter what turns out to be the next hot trend in 2015,
you can never go wrong by keeping your focus on building your email

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Inbox Supremacy

How Clicking One Button on Facebook Can Help You Find Your Golden Egg

January 2015 Audio Tip

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Having The Right Mindset & Inspirational Video From Will Smith

Having The Right Mindset

I’ve always felt that having the right “Mindset” is the difference between success and failure in any venture (life, business or otherwise). Because of this I’m always on the lookout for good books, quotations, interviews about successful people and mindset.

Here’s a compilation of different interview with Will Smith talking about success and mindset.

Totally worth the 10 minutes you spend watching this video.



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Inbox Supremacy

Twitter service called Twittollower

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Last month a couple of friends of mine – Tahir Shah
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