5 Key Factors That Make Good Webcopy Great

January in internet marketing land should be called copytime. Every website out there is looking for brand new copy, from blogs to social media posts to web copy. Of these three important types of copy, only one is going to represent your website day in and day out. While none should be ignored or written off with any type of nonchalance, I personally believe that webcopy should be the most scrutinized of the three.

After all, many blogs are informal. Social posts aren’t meant to serve as your doctorate. But web copy, this is what the people are looking at when they get to your site. And not only that, it’s what the search engines are looking at when they rank your site. So, it’s easy to see why webcopy should be carefully crafted, but it’s not always so simple to see how it should be crafted.

Five Points to Keep in Mind When Creating Copy for Your Website

Here are five things that you want to keep in mind as you sit down to write your web copy:

1. Capture. The first thing your copy needs to do is capture the attention of your viewers. If you have some bland, boring headline followed by copy that drones on and on, you’re going to bore visitors right off your site (if not to sleep!). Be a little provactive, a little funny, stir it up. The average person browses dozens of websites each and every day, what is going to make them stay on yours?

2. Portray. Your webcopy should be very clear in conveying your value proposition. Visitors need to know exactly what makes you different from your competition. Why should they spend their money with you when there are 50 million other sites selling the exact same product or service? If you can’t answer this, then how can you expect your customers to understand it?

3. Stand Out. People don’t really have time to read everything you write. Even if you’re the most interesting writer in the world, eating a nice juicy steak is more interesting. You aren’t going to compete with reality, so make your content easily accommodating in that you have all key points standing out for quick scanning. Headings and subheadings are a must. Numbered and bullet lists help people get the information they need, do what they have to do and then get on with their life. You aren’t inviting them over for tea, you’re inviting them to learn what you have to offer them and then convincing them to take it and leave.

4. Describe. Description is vital for many products and services, yet so many marketers buy into the “picture is worth a thousand words” ideaology of content creation. Pictures are amazing, yes (videos are even better), but you need the details, features and benefits of your products and services in writing. Why? If nothing else, for the search engines and to rank for keywords, but trust me, there are still people out there enjoy reading everything they can about a product before making a purchase. Remember, an informed consumer buys more.

5. Perfection. Finally, it’s vital that your webcopy be absolutely free and clear of errors. No spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors, no txt spk. You want to convey authority on your site and nothing will lose it faster than mspelling a werd or too or making grammer errors or having poor punctuashun?

Overall, webcopy is to a website what a salesperson is to a brick-and-mortar location. You wouldn’t hire just anybody and send them out there uninformed and unpresentable, don’t do that with your webcopy.

If you’re interested in checking out how a dead-broke stand-up comic turned a simple joke formula into a million dollar sales hook (and how you can use it to skyrocket your conversions even if you don’t have a funny bone in your body!)

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Why You Should Outsource Your Internet Niche Ebook

Affiliate-Success-150x150Why outsourcing your Internet niche ebook is an absolute necessity

Unless you are an accomplished writer yourself, outsourcing your Internet niche ebook is an absolute necessity. Most people have the common sense to hire an electrician when they are having electrical problems in their home and a plumber when they are having plumbing problems but these same people often make the mistake of thinking they do not need to hire a professional to write their ebook. This article will discuss the benefits of outsourcing your ebook to a professional and will identify some of the pitfalls of not outsourcing this work to a professional.

Why Paying for a Professional Written Ebook is Important

Those who are orchestrating an Internet niche marketing campaign should realize the importance of hiring a professional writer to write their ebook. An ebook is often used in this capacity to serve as a promotional tool for the other elements of the niche marketing campaign including the website.

The ebook you publish will be the first impression many form regarding your niche campaign. You want this first impression to be a positive one so it is important for your ebook to be incredibly polished, free of spelling and grammatical errors, accurate, informative, interesting and written in an appropriate tone. An accomplished writer can meet all of these needs while creating an ebook that is well researched and provides all the information you requested in the outline.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Ebook

There are many benefits to outsourcing your ebook. The most obvious benefit is that, provided you choose a well qualified candidate, your ebook is likely to turn out looking extremely professional. This is important because a high quality ebook is much more likely to persuade readers to investigate the subject further by visiting the niche website mentioned in the ebook.

Another benefit to outsourcing your ebook to an accomplished writer is it will greatly reduce your own workload. Attempting to write the ebook on your own would be a mistake if you are not a skilled writer but there are still many marketers who go this route. They often spend much longer than anticipated on the process of writing their ebook and wind up with sub par results. Outsourcing the ebook not only creates much better results but also relieves the marketer of the pressure of trying to write the book themselves.

Pitfalls of Not Outsourcing Your Ebook

There are some significant pitfalls which often result from not outsourcing an ebook. One of the most common problems that occur when the ebook is written by an amateur is the ebook ends up sounding too much like a sales pitch. Most Internet niche ebooks are written for the purpose of promoting the niche but the promotional aspects of the ebook are usually rather subtle. Instead the ebook is written with an authoritative tone and presented as an ebook providing the reader with knowledge on a particular niche subject. The ebook will, however, likely include persuasive undertones directing readers to particular websites for further information.

Another pitfall of not outsourcing an ebook is a final product that is poorly written with glaring grammatical errors and other mistakes. These mistakes will likely be evident to even the most casual reader of the ebook. When these errors are easily detected, it is not likely the reader will put much faith in the message being conveyed by the ebook. They will likely assume the carelessness in writing the ebook carried over into the research process therefore, tainting the information presented in the ebook.

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Try Outsourcing When You Need an Ebook Written

solutionOutsourcing the writing of ebooks is a fairly common practice

Writing ebooks is one activity which is outsourced with a great deal of frequency. Ebooks are books which are published and distributed in a software format. Some consider them to be much more convenient than regular books because they can be downloaded to computers, laptops and a number of multimedia devices making it convenient for the individual to take the ebook with them everywhere they go. Another advantage of ebooks is they are typically less expensive than traditional books. This is because the publishing costs associated with publishing an ebooks is significantly lower than it is for publishing regular books. Outsourcing the writing of ebooks is a fairly common practice. There are a few simple guidelines which should be followed when selecting the perfect writer for the job and outsourcing the project.

Select an Accomplished Writer

One of the most basic guidelines for outsourcing an ebook is to select an accomplished writer who has experience relative to your niche subject. While giving a chance to a new writer is certainly noble, an ebook is not the ideal situation for making such a noble gesture. If you feel strongly about a particular writer who does not have relevant experience try offering him the opportunity to complete a smaller job for you such as a website article. An ebook is a large project in which you invest a great deal of time, money and energy and you want to be sure the end results are of a high quality.

Assist in the Creation of the Book Outline

The outline for an ebook is very important and should be established before work on the ebook commences. It is acceptable to make minor changes to the outline during the course of the project but the bulk of the outline should remain the same. This is important because a well developed outline will assist in creating a logical flow to the material presented in the ebook.

The client should always take an active role in developing the outline for the ebook. The writer may have ideas about the content he wants to include or believes is relevant but the responsibility for making the decision regarding what belongs in the ebooks is ultimately up to the client. Establishing an outline ahead of time will ensure there are no surprises when the final work is submitted.

Have the Ebook Edited Independently

The final tip we have to offer for outsourcing an ebook is to have the ebook edited independently rather than allowing the writer to edit the ebook. The writer may do an excellent job creating high quality content that is accurate, informative and interesting and may also do a fairly good job of proofreading the document but it is always worthwhile to have a fresh pair of eyes review the document. They are not as familiar with the project so they are more likely to notice errors which were previously overlooked by the writer who may miss the errors because when he was proofreading he knew what he meant to write and subconsciously makes the correction as he is reading through the document.

The other advantage of having the ebook edited independently is that the editor can review the document in reference to the outline to ensure all of the necessary subjects were adequately covered in the ebook.

5 Factors – Why People Don’t Buy Your Products

Every businessperson wants to sell his products and services to as many people as possible. This is the primary aim for which they all work. However, not everyone is successful in this task. Many a times people feel that they are making every possible effort to sell their product but without much success.

This has been analyzed by behavioral scientists and they have concluded that there are five primary reasons because of which people refrain from buying goods or services.

Let’s look at these reasons and ways to overcome them, which can be adopted in your marketing strategy to increase sales.

1. Monetary Factor – In a way, any product that you buy is a gamble. Many people feel that by buying a particular product, they are taking a monetary gamble and if the product does not hold true then they could end up loosing their money.

You can however, provide them security from this issue by offering some kind of guarantee on the product. This guarantee could be in any form. You can offer them various options such as cash back guarantee, free trial, or chance to exchange their product free of cost. You can also try to lower the price so that it is no longer a big monetary risk. Showing other peoples testimonials about your product could also work wonders.

2. Functional Factor – When buying anything that they have not used before, most people are apprehensive that the product would not work properly or may be defective etc. As a result, they might avoid buying products, which they feel are complicated.

You can however change their mindset by giving a full-fledged demonstration before they buy the product. You can also give them an on-site training once they have bought the product.

3. Social Factor – Society also plays a very important role in the way people think.. All of us have a question at the back of our minds, all the time “What will people think?” Many a times, it happens that people want to buy a product, but are held back because of public opinion.

You can however, give them a push by getting testimonials for your product from the high standing members of society. This will make the people feel more confident about their choice making them think that if it is good enough for so and so then it is also good for me.

4. Psychological Factor – People at times are not ready to indulge and pamper themselves. As a result, they many a times refuse to buy a product because they feel guilty in doing so. Most of them think that perhaps the money could be well spent on something else.

What you need to do is to make them realize that it is quite okay to indulge, and spend on themselves once in awhile. They have full right to do so as they work hard all round the year.

5. Physical Factor – Believe it or not there are products in the market, which make people think that they may cause bodily harm to them if they buy and use these products. If people feel that the product in question is dangerous to use and can have adverse physical repercussion then they will definitely avoid buying such products.

In such a scenario, first of all, you should make sure that your product is safe to use and is not dangerous for anyone. Next, the task is to inform the people about the safety of your product. For this, you can also get your product certified, for its safety, from any creditable agency. Include demonstrations and testimonials from known personalities to verify its safety.

Overall, your approach should be to make people buy your products through legal and fair means. At any stage, you should not try to cheat your customers.

The idea is to help the customers in their decision to buy your products by answering any questions that they may have. This would be a worthwhile exercise because you would be helping those who may really want to buy your products but have a few apprehensions. In fact, it is your duty to guide them in the right direction.

Customer is all-important and so are there concerns. Therefore, there requirements should be kept in mind even when you start designing your product. If you keep the above points, in mind while designing your product then you can be sure that half the battle is won.

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How Crucial is the Role of Copywriting?

Copywriting plays a crucial role in promotion and advertisement of any business. No matter what business you are involved in, if you think that simply having a good product or service, is enough to get you the sales then you are wrong. In fact, promotion and advertisement play a major role in getting sales for any business.

Any good advertisement is incomplete without the right kind of slogan to go with it. If your advertisement does not have a good slogan then don’t you feel unsatisfied that it is incomplete.

On the other hand, an advertisement can look complete with only text and without any image. Good slogans are very crucial to attract the people to your product and service.

Over the years, you would have heard many a popular add lines that have become so popular that they have become a part of the daily conversation.

Today the copywriters who make these slogans and add lines are the most sought after people in the world of advertisement and promotion. You can gauge their importance from the fact that in many cases their salaries are in the same bracket as that of the CEO of the company.

Many people who don’t have a full idea of the importance of the copywriter and the advertising department would perhaps feel that these people are being paid too much for a task, which they can even do themselves. However, they should be careful because this do-it-yourself approach is at times a sure shot recipe for disaster. Particularly in cases where one, is not trained to carry out the tasks professionally.

If you are not getting the required amount of sales then perhaps you should work to revamp your advertising department. Remember that it is the marketing and advertising of your product and service which entices the people to come back repeatedly to buy.

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