How To Get Backlinks To Your Site or Blog

5 tips for backlinks5 Tips On Getting Backlinks

Back links are your main staple item to building up your blog’s seo work. Many bloggers or webmasters often find themselves scratching their head and pulling their hair off when trying to build quality back links. The fact is that this is not rocket science at all and anyone can perform the same link building techniques if they are willing to spend time on it.

1) Submit Your Blog To Web and Blog Directories

Most bloggers or webmaster do not realize the existence and function of these web and blog directories and they do not put them into consideration when building popularity and back links. In fact, there are a couple of highly popular web directories like DMOz (PR 9) which only accept high quality websites or blogs. To look on the brighter side of life, nothing beats a back link from a PR 9 site and Google is bound to love your blog for it. Take time to search for do-follow web and blog directories and it not difficult to locate them because many bloggers have compiled big lists of these directories. It is your own effort that counts!

2) Write For Article Directories

After you have absorbed all the link juices from web directories, it is time to get a piece of the cake from article directories. All it takes is an additional effort to write an extra article every week which you can submit to the various article directories.

Note: Do not post the same article you have submitted to the directories on your blog. Google will see it as duplicate content and they may not be happy about it.

3) Organise Blog Contest

This is one of the fun ways to give your blog a chance to get its name out and also to build some back links the viral way. To make it simple, you can require your readers to link to your blog on their website to get a chance to enter your contest and win some attractive prizes. The most important thing to note is that the simpler it is to participate in your contest, the more responsive it will get.

4) Sponsor A WordPress Theme

Have you notice that there are many free themes that have links on their footer area? More than often, these are sponsored links. To put it in layman terms, webmasters or bloggers pay these wordpress theme creators to place a link with their desired keywords on the footer for the free theme they give away. So, each new blogger who uses this free theme will link to these sponsors automatically. However, this is not highly recommended since these footer links can be easily removed and edited most of the time.

5) Link Exchange

Before you start complaining about the downside of link exchange, I do not mean exchanging links with any possible bloggers under the sun. Run your link exchange carefully and selectively with established bloggers and make sure you limit it to 5 or less. You do not want to appear to be a link exchange freak to Google.

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  1. solcarina says:

    Thank you so much, Craig; for your informative information.

    You blog is so interasting, I will come back often to get some new tips. See you around.

    Sending love and light, beauty and Joy (here from Norway)

  2. Craig Dawber says:

    Hi Solcarina,

    Thank you for your kind comments, I aim to please my readers and supply good useful information that can be taken and put into action.

    Craig 🙂

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