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It’s NOT Just A Dream, Let Me Help You Make It A Reality!

My name is Craig Dawber and I am a full-time entrepreneur making my living online as an internet marketer.

After taking a year out to travel Australia, New Zealand and Thailand I found myself unable to settle back into my life style of factory worker as an engineer.

My outlook on life had changed and the once normal everyday life of working in a factory has taken it’s toll and I just couldn’t cope with it anymore.

I set out in search of a way out and starting browsing the internet for money making opportunities, I just knew that there was a better way to make a good living for myself and family.

I soon found out that there’s hundreds if not thousands of opportunities and plenty of scams on the net. I bought every ebook, every dvd, every course available but nothing, I bounced from one opportunity to the next but nothing worked for me….

But that’s all changed now, I’ve been online for several years now and I found a way to make a good living online and have multiple streams of income.

I have a number of products and sites online and I set up this blog to brand myself and to teach others how to make money online …. If I can make it, anyone can …. Just trust me on this, stick by me and I will show the way to a life style you’ve been dreaming of.

What is CraigDawber.com all about?

If you are new to these pastures and are interested in learning about how to truly Make Money Online with Blogs, Videos, SEO or Social Media… then you came to the right place. Craig Dawber is all about real life proven strategies and techniques that have provided proven results.

Do yourself a favor and have a look around this blog, check out the archives and see for yourself the quality of content and decide if you’d like to stick around!

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What Else Do You Do?

Product Developer, Internet Marketing Coach, Snooker/Pool Player, Burnley FC supporter (soccer)!

Other Sites We Own

>> InboxSupremacy.com

>> AffiliateSupremacy.com 

>> CashSupremacy.com 

>> SalesFunnelSupremacy.com 

>> InternetMarketingApprentice.com

>> Please check back here regular as I will be adding my new websites as and when I release them to the public 🙂

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