8 Tips to Build Trust Between You and the Customer

Those who are in the business, it might be a profession, a manufacturing industry or a service industry, building trust is the utmost factor.

If your consumer doesn’t have the faith in you, then you might as well shut shop now, cause eventually that’s what would happen. To market yourself and your product, you must be able to gain confidence of the people to whom you intend to sell.

Building credibility is crucial for your success and financial well-being. One-time negative experiences of the consumer can shatter their confidence in you. Consumers also have a peculiar habit. They would spread their experiences whether positive or negative among their friends and family. So be very careful, how you deal with customers. Word of mouth publicity is a strong marketing tool.

These are some of the eight ways in which you can influence your credibility among the customers

1. Using specific numbers

Your advertisement should obviously have catchy phrases and numbers. Be specific about the numbers such as:

Unbelievable, it may seem, but I have made £9678 in one day from the website

12 things that you should ask the scriptwriter

10 ways in which you can make up to your lover

12,333 members of this website can’t go wrong at the same time

Numbers get the eyeballs that you are looking for rather than plain text such as nine thousand. Keep that in mind to build up your confidence level among the customers that you have and the customers that you intend to add.

2. Claims should be proven and verifiable

Don’t make tall claims, because you won’t be able to prove them later on. Make those claims, which can also be proven from independent laboratories, experts etc. don’t infringe on any copyright ad patents claiming them to be yours, because these are very easily be verified. Say the truth otherwise; you could land up in a financial and a legal mess.

3. Product / service details and history should be included

Just like nutrition facts are covered printed on the carton of milk or juice that you buy, in a similar way, the product or the service details should be printed or should be known to the customer. Don’t forget to give the company contact details. Today, giving an email address is also important as its one of the quickest ways to reach a person.

4. Use testimonials

If you have happy customers, and they have given you feedback, then put it on the website for your potential customers to see the same. Positive testimonials also work wonders for you as an instant credibility is built among the customers.

5. Personal details can be given

Personal details such as your educational and professional background can be given. For example those to operate a stock market website as a consultant would give their educational qualifications as an MBA with Finance specialization. This would generate instant confidence in their ability to give the customers good and professional advice.

6. Include the list of the customers

By giving a list of the customers the potential customers are made confident that this person means business. By doing business with them, they can’t go wrong or have a financial loss.

7. Reduce or reverse the perceived risks

If you can add free bonuses which are perceived to be more than the sale price, then definitely the confidence and the interest of the customer is well generated. They are twice more likely to buy your product.

8. Offer a specific money back guarantee program

Offer them money back guarantee such as



When you have offered them the guarantee and the money back offer, stick to it and not quibble over it. The good word always spreads around.

These are just some of them, you can use a number of confidence building measures to give a boost to your business.

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