5 Ideas for Increasing Website Traffic For Free

Increasing Website Traffic For Free

Increasing the number of visitors your website receives doesn’t have to be expensive. Below are 5 ideas for increasing website traffic for free:

1.    Start a Blog

Blogs are a great way to boost traffic to your sites. Search engines love blogs because they contain regularly updated, current content (or at least they should do!) and thus they tend to rank well in search results. Blogs are also a great way of demonstrating your knowledge and if you can build up a loyal following they can be an excellent source of free traffic. You can place links within your blog posts or include banners or adverts down the side, on your resources page or ‘about’ page, etc.

2.    Recruit Affiliates

Imagine having an army of people all working to drive traffic to your website. Well, that’s exactly what affiliates can do for you!  Let other people do all the hard work for you and in return you pay them a commission when someone buys something from your website through their affiliate link.

3.    Start a Mailing List

Your own mailing list gives you the ability to drive traffic on tap and is one of the best ways of increasing website traffic for free. If you have a decent sized list you can simply send out a broadcast email and get an instant surge of clicks, or you can set up an autoresponder series and have it drive traffic for you on autopilot.

4.    Arrange Adswaps

Having a mailing list gives you access to this wonderful method. Adswaps have become increasingly popular in recent years and they can be a highly effective traffic generation strategy. Basically you find another marketer with a mailing list and arrange for them to tell their subscribers about your website in exchange for you emailing your subscribers about their website. If you can find someone suitable to swap with (they must be in a similar market) adswaps can provide an instant surge of traffic to your site. The drawback, of course, is that you need to regularly arrange adswaps in order to keep the traffic coming.

5.    Write and Submit Articles

Writing and submitting articles is one of the oldest traffic generation strategies. Basically you write unique articles and at the end you include a resources box with a link back to your website. Doing this generates you backlinks which will improve the ranking of your site, together with generating direct traffic from people who view your articles. Simply submit them to article sites such as EzineArticles.com or use them to create a content site.

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How To Monitor Website Traffic – The Best Free Tools

The ability to monitor website traffic is absolutely essential if you are serious about growing your online business and you have the desire to increase the amount of visitors you receive.

Being able to see where your visitors come from, how long they spend on your website and what content they view etc gives you an absolutely invaluable insight into what is working (and what isn’t) in your business right now…

Let’s say you check your statistics and find that one particular traffic source (for example the Warrior forum) has sent 500 people to your website in the last two days. That’s a pretty hot source and it shows you that you should probably spend some more time promoting your site on the Warrior Forum. You also notice that from that traffic source 100 of them signed up to your mailing list on the homepage – this indicates that the traffic this website is sending to you is pretty targeted and that they are definitely interested in the content you are providing.

Here are the best free tools to monitor website traffic.

  1. Google Analytics

This is probably the most well known tool of them all and it provides an excellent level of information. You simply insert some code onto your website (Google provides this for you and it is very easy to install) and from that the system tracks visitors to your site. You can get a general snapshot of your sites traffic, as well as more detailed information such as referring websites, visitor locations, time spent on your website, average page views, the top performing pages, etc (the list is almost endless.) Google Analytics also has the advantage that it links in nicely if you are using Google Adwords to promote your website.

  1. StatCounter

This is another pretty well known and (in my opinion) excellent tool. StatCounter provides a similar level of information to monitor website traffic and has its own special features too. It works in a similar way to Analytics, so it is pretty simple to set up.

  1. Your Hosting Account

Many hosting accounts come together with a tool already installed which will monitor traffic to your website. The advantage here is that it is all built into your hosting package and there is often no need to install any tracking code (useful if you feel especially daunted by the process of doing so.)

Whichever tool you use (and there are many others besides the ones I have mentioned) the data it provides you is very useful indeed. Look for overall trends and analyse how visitors interact with your website. Doing this on a regular basis can improve the performance of your website in a big way.

As always please leave your comments below as I love to hear your feedback.

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