Don’t Work Through The Festive Period & New Year!

Take A Well Earned Break – Don’t Work Through The Festive Period & New Year!

If you are sitting at your desk reading this during the last few days before the festive period – you are working too much!

One of the advantages of working from home should be that you have quite a bit of freedom to choose how and when you work –

Or don’t work!

Yes, so okay there are times when you absolutely have to work longer hours than you want, burning the candle at both ends to finish a pressing project. But now is not one of those times.

Now is the time to be with your friends and loved ones.

This is a special time for us all and you owe it to yourself and the people closest to you in your life to spend time with them and not with your computer.

If not now, when?

If you are not careful you may well lose out on something that is priceless to you – in order to just earn just a few extra dollars.

Here’s wishing you happy holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

Craig Dawber

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Blogging For Beginners And 3 Blog Traffic Tips

3 blog traffic tips

Blogging For Beginners And 3 Blog Traffic Tips

Have you always wanted to start a profitable blog and hopefully be able to make a good living out of it because you have heard how lucrative the internet market is? But you are always held back by a mysterious force because you do not know if you are suitable for it or whether time is on your side. Tell yourself this right now, there is always a first time for everyone.

Every pro bloggers you see on the internet now started out as a beginner back then, so you should have no worries about being a beginner blogger yourself. But the most important thing at this stage is to get your mentality and concepts right so you do not waste time doing the wrong things (which is almost unavoidable). Driving traffic to your blog is the primary step to market it and securing a spot for yourself in the blogging arena. Here are 3 blog traffic tips which I have used and found to be extremely effective to start off with as a beginner blogger:

1. Free Traffic Exchange

This is a great way to get some initial traffic to your blog in your early stages and it helps to make your blog look a little more popular. The down side to this is that it takes a lot of time away from your schedule to be clicking on the other websites for traffic exchange.

2. Write Guest Post For Blog Celebrities

Take some time to scan through popular blogs and discover a common point between these popular blogs and what the hot topics they are talking about are. Then, use the writing skills you have been wanting to show off to churn out a top quality article that no one can resist but to post it up their own blogs and submit to one of these popular bloggers whom you think can drive you the referral traffic you want. They have the traffic and they can help you get it.

3. Interview Successful Internet Marketers

Try to gook up an opportunity to interview a successful blogger or internet marketer and post it up on your blog. Do not worry about getting rejected (you will probably face some) because there will be at least someone out there who is willing to take up that challenge and that will get your engine going.

One thing you may realize is that you do not actually know how to start. My advice is, DON’T be afraid to ask! You will never know if you have missed any possible opportunity if you don’t ask at all. Work faithfully using the above mentioned beginner bloggers’ tips and you will see your initial traffic start flowing in and that will get your blog going like how you want it to.

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Lee McIntyre Releases His Upside Down / Inside Out Workshop On DVD… FOR FREE

Lee McIntyre Free DVDHi guys.

Just a very short post today to let you know about something very exciting.

Lee McIntyre has just this minute released the recordings of his live two day Inside Out / Upside Down Workshop on DVD.

Lee originally was going to charge $1,997 for access to the DVD recordings – but has changed his mind and decided to ship you the DVD with the entire event recordings for just the nominal postage charge.

There’s only a limited number of copies available though, so hit the link below to secure your free copy.

Click Here To Get Your DVD

Lee McIntyre Free DVD

Lee McIntyre’s Inside Out / Upside Down Workshop DVD

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