The Best Way to Promote Your Blog

“How to use articles for breakthrough blog promotion”

You may be aware that there are many popular ways for promoting your blog ranging from payper click ads to writing articles. You can even promote your blog by commenting on other people’s blogs or going to forums and putting the link to your blog in your signature. Since there are some many ways to promote, oftentimes, people wonder just what way is best.

Well there’s something both fornuate and unfortunate about the best way to promote yor blog. Unfortunately, this way is very boring and tedious for a lot of people. Fortunately, you can run over the competition with this method because most bloggers don’t like to do it and even though you can pay other people to do it, it’s still a big hassle.

The best way to promote your blog is to write articles and plenty of them.

There is just no better way to get your site indexed and ranked by Google than to write articles. The articles will get a lot of traffic for your blog and they will get you plenty of backlinks. Backlinks are the key to getting a high placement Google’s search engine.

There are many search engines that you can submit your articles to. Most people talk about Ezine Articles and, but don’t neglect the many otheres that are out there such as Isnare and Articlemarketer. Your written and submitted articles should not be duplicates of what is posted on your blog. Instead you can try one of two techniques. Either you can rewrite your blog posts and submit them or you can write separate article that will only be used for submission purposes. These article should give the reader just enough information so that he or she wants to read more.

After you have peaked the readers curiosity, place a link back to your site either at the bottom of the article or in the authors resource box.

Before wrting any articles, it’s a good idea to do some keyword research so that you can make sure that people are going to actually search for the topics and keywords you are writing about. Good keyword research is the key to making sure you get the maximum amount of visitors to your blog. You can use the Google Adwords tool to do proper keyword research. You can also use Nichebot classic or the free software program, Good Keywords.

Once you find the keyword you want to focus on, use it a few times throughout the article so that Google picks up on it. If you write a large amount of articles and submit them to the many article submission sites that are out there, your blog will be indexed by Google in no time.

Articles last forever on the internet. Sometimes forums will delete posts. Even Yahoo Answers has lately changed their link policy for Level 1 users. However, aricles last always online. If you write a good article that is informative and just drop in your link, you can be sure that it will remain online for someone to find it.

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Blogging: What’s Really Important?

Some people are still holding onto the adage that “if you build it, they will come” When people apply this saying to blogging, they’re essentially believing that if they simply build the blog and write articles every day, the traffic will come. While it’s true that the traffic you do get will want to read something when it arrives at your blog, there’s really no need to wear yourself out making sure you have new content posted all of the time.

That’s because when it comes to blogging, the writing part is important, but it may not be the most important thing that needs to be done. Some blogging experts believe that marketing is what really matters. If you think about it hard enough, you will probably agree that marketing is a very important, if not the most important aspect of blogging.

Blogging for fun or leisure is one thing, but blogging to make money is very different. When you blog to make money, you are doing business, and good marketing is the key to any successful business model. Successful blog marketing involves just as much writing as actually posting on your blog.

To market your blog you will have to write an article that hints at one of your blog posts. Post that article on an article submission site such as Then take that article and rewrite it about two or three times. Take those rewrites and post them on web 2.0 properties such as Squidoo or Hubpages. Also consider posting the third rewrite on because this article submissions site will not only publish your article on its own site but also on other sites all over the internet.

Be sure to keep an active hyperlink somewhere in the article so that users can click on the link and go to your blog. Doing the above article and web 2.0 submission will allow you to get plenty of backlinks . The more backlinks you have, the better ranking you will have in the search engines. A good amount of backlinks is the key to getting droves of traffic to your website.

Since you can’t really make money from your blog without traffic, it’s best to focus on what will get the traffic rather than spend hours upon hours filling your blog with pages and pages of blog posts. It is still recommended that you update your blog on a regular basis. You can do it once a week at a minimum, and if you can do it daily, there’s no problem with that.

The only time a problem arises is when you notice you’re doing more blogging than marketing or if you see you’ve done no marketing at all. If you haven’t done the marketing, you simply won’t get the traffic, and if you are selling anything on your blog, you won’t get any sales.

Some people believe they can simply drop a few links in their forum signatures or in Yahoo answers. But one of the most effective methods for getting traffic to your blog is article marketing. You can also purchase pay per click ads. However, if you’re new to marketing, pay per click may not be the best choice. You can easily blow through your entire life savings if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Blogging is a great way to make money online, but if making money is the goal for you, remember you’re running a business, so you have to do what business owners do to get the word out. Marketing is key.

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Growing your Business Internationally with some help from a Gigantic Internet Website

stand_out_from_the_crowdBefore discussing one of the most popular sites in the history of the internet, it is important to lay the groundwork by talking about one of the oldest concepts in the business world.  That concept is brand recognition.

In order to see brand recognition at work, take a moment to do an exercise in thought.  Say you are sitting at home one evening and you decide you want to go out and get a burger.  If you were to do this, what would be the first place that would come into your mind?  If you are like most people, chances are you would say McDonald’s, Harvey’s, Burger King, Wendy’s or any of the other major fast food chains that are known around the world.

You are not saying this because of their proximity or their quality, but rather because they are a brand you are familiar with.  A familiar brand provides an easy search point and that is why companies with recognized brands can easily outperform their counterparts.  They get all the search business because people that know their brands search for them directly.

Leveraging the Internet for your Brand

Now that you get how brands are supposed to work on a basic level, you can put this information to good use with your own internet brand.  Keep in mind that you do not have to actually have a brand in order to create brand recognition.  Your brand could be your name.  If you want your name to be associated with good products in a certain niche, the way to do it is to get your name out there with positive associations in as many of the areas that deal with that niche as possible.  When you do this, social media is easily one of your best friends.

The Facebook Effect

The somewhat coy title aside, Facebook has quickly boomed into becoming one of the most successful internet sites around.  With millions of different people on Facebook, getting your message out through that particular website is very easy to do.  Many people look at lots of people as extra competition, but you should look at them as simply additional customers for your brand name.

When you have your own name or your brand on Facebook for example, you have a specific place where people can go in order to find information about you.  If you continue to put out valuable content on Facebook, on your website and elsewhere throughout your marketing empire, you will find your brand name growing in terms of recognition.  More and more people will start searching for you and finding you on Facebook, because Facebook has great rankings in Google search results.  It really ends up turning into a cycle of positive feedback that you can grow even faster by adding other sites like MySpace and Twitter into the mix.

None of this becomes possible however without starting with a brand name that you then plaster all over the internet.  Facebook is one of your best tools for that particular task given how popular it already is.

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Focus on the Topic at hand with your first Squidoo Lens


squidoo-lensSquidoo has been one of the most popular sites around for the last one or two years, but this is mostly because the users have decided that Squidoo is a great site and rewarded it by putting up lenses on all sorts of topics.  In essence, they have made Squidoo into one of the great places to be for information gathering, something that you can get in on if you learn the very simple process of creating a lens on Squidoo.

The Squidoo Lens Concept

The Squidoo lens is basically a portal to a lot of information on a specific topic.  The topic is chosen by the person that created the lens and the website URL usually reflects a title that is in sync with what the lens is about.  You might see text, pictures, videos, links and other special internet features on a given lens, with different lenses getting ranked by not only the level of content but also by their relative popularity.  In the end, the Squidoo lens is essentially a micro niche site and Squidoo itself is a network of different micro niche sites that combine to attract millions of viewers per day.

Setting up your first Squidoo Lens

Now that you know the basics of what Squidoo is all about, it is time to start on the task of setting up your very first Squidoo lens.  In order to do this, you will need a Squidoo account.  As far as taking your personal information is concerned, Squidoo is better than average and asks for the minimum amount of information necessary to give you an account, so you can feel confident that you are not signing over a whole lot in order to get your username and password for creating lenses.

Once you have those two, all you need to do to create a new lens is click on the new lens button, enter in an appropriate title (the title will become the URL after, so make sure you pick a decent one) and you are basically good to go.  Once you have created the actual lens, you can add whatever material you want to it.

If you want to create a decent Squidoo lens right off the bat, you should consider adding at least a small block of introductory text about your topic and then selecting an appropriate picture to upload to go along with the text you just created.  In fact, you should add a lot more if you want your viewers to get the most of the Squidoo experience, but in the end it is really a matter of choice on your part.

The more information you include in your lens, the higher it will be ranked in terms of quality and the more people will end up seeing it.  Text and a picture is the minimum considered necessary to even get a ranking on Squidoo, but if you are just looking for some back links and a few page views it might just be enough for the shrewd internet marketer.  Ultimately, the choice is yours and depends on your priorities.

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Save Hours a Day with Automated Form Filling


Click Here to Download RoboForm

If there is one thing that can make a person exit the internet marketing ranks, it would probably be the monotony of it all.  When you take a look at what the average internet marketer has to do in order to make their business work, a large part of it involves filling out forms again and again.  They fill out forms when signing up for accounts, posting messages and comments to blogs, posting articles to directories and just about anything else that you can think of that an internet marketer would have to do.  It is thankless work which is why anyone is interested in a product like RoboForm that claims to be able to help you fill those forms in automatically.

How it Works

The basic premise of RoboForm is a simple one.  Whenever you enter in a piece of information that you would type on a frequent basis, you can ask RoboForm to save the information for you.  RoboForm will then save each of the answers, keying them to the names of the fields as they exist on that form.  Then, when you move to the next form, you can ask RoboForm to fill in the saved information and all of the same fields will get the same entries as before.  You can save multiple forms to get different pieces of information into your database and you can even configure certain parameters yourself so that you can use it on the first form without actually having to save anything first.

Does it Work?

RoboForm works very well, but there are some caveats to this overall assessment.  For fields that will be present on just about every form you fill out, RoboForm is fantastic.  These include things like your name, contact information, personal information, username and password.  For all of these fields and indeed any field that you have already saved, you can expect RoboForm to have perfect recall.  If you want the same thing typed each time in the field with the same name on different websites, RoboForm will definitely do that for you.

Two problems commonly arise with RoboForm however, the first of which is when you want inconsistent information.  For example, you might want a different password on different sites or you might want a different username.  Furthermore, you might have different possibilities on different sites and for all of those inconsistent fields, RoboForm is useless at best and downright harmful at worst.  The trick to dealing with this drawback is to make sure that the only info RoboForm types into your forms is the information that you want to put down in all of your forms.  If you use it that way, RoboForm can be extremely useful and cut down your time by minutes on each form fill-out.

The second problem is when you have a form that isn’t totally filled out.  This happens frequently for the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Because of that, RoboForm is not the be all and end all solution to this problem, but it will save you a lot of time over the long term if you use it properly.

Learn More About This Useful Software Tool with the RoboForm Mastery Videos … Find out more here:

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