Facebook Vanity – Get Your Own Name or Brand


This weekend ( Saturday, June 13th, at 12:01am) Facebook will introduce vanity urls for their Facebook members. What this means instead of having a facebook url with a million numbers on it, you could now have

facebook.com/yourname. Unfortunately, this has it’s downside as most thing’s in life. How many people out there have the same name as you, and how many people are out there already trying to game the system for potential profit.

Protecting Your Trademark/Identity
We’ve already seen plenty of this on Twitter, and how several “fake” celebrities and accounts have been made. We are guaranteed to see the same thing happen all over again with Facebook. However, Facebook already knows this and they aren’t planning on letting this go unnoticed. If you already have a trademarked name that you want to use and protect, head over to this page and fill out this form. It’s best to try and get your name once the registrations go live, rather than have to deal with a legal battle later on.

Using Facebook Vanity URL for Profit
Just like a domain, have a facebook.com/keyword url can be very profitable. Think about how much more convincing your offer or page will look, if you have facebook.com/legal or facebook.com/ringtones. The average user would almost assume that was an offer or product endorse, or from Facebook direct.

When Vanity URLs Go Live & How
The flood gates will open at Saturday, June 13th, at 12:01am. http://www.facebook.com/username/ is the url you will need to access to create a vanity url for your facebook account. Once you’ve chosen a vanity name, there is no changing or going back… choose wisely!

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5 Factors – Why People Don’t Buy Your Products

Every businessperson wants to sell his products and services to as many people as possible. This is the primary aim for which they all work. However, not everyone is successful in this task. Many a times people feel that they are making every possible effort to sell their product but without much success.

This has been analyzed by behavioral scientists and they have concluded that there are five primary reasons because of which people refrain from buying goods or services.

Let’s look at these reasons and ways to overcome them, which can be adopted in your marketing strategy to increase sales.

1. Monetary Factor – In a way, any product that you buy is a gamble. Many people feel that by buying a particular product, they are taking a monetary gamble and if the product does not hold true then they could end up loosing their money.

You can however, provide them security from this issue by offering some kind of guarantee on the product. This guarantee could be in any form. You can offer them various options such as cash back guarantee, free trial, or chance to exchange their product free of cost. You can also try to lower the price so that it is no longer a big monetary risk. Showing other peoples testimonials about your product could also work wonders.

2. Functional Factor – When buying anything that they have not used before, most people are apprehensive that the product would not work properly or may be defective etc. As a result, they might avoid buying products, which they feel are complicated.

You can however change their mindset by giving a full-fledged demonstration before they buy the product. You can also give them an on-site training once they have bought the product.

3. Social Factor – Society also plays a very important role in the way people think.. All of us have a question at the back of our minds, all the time “What will people think?” Many a times, it happens that people want to buy a product, but are held back because of public opinion.

You can however, give them a push by getting testimonials for your product from the high standing members of society. This will make the people feel more confident about their choice making them think that if it is good enough for so and so then it is also good for me.

4. Psychological Factor – People at times are not ready to indulge and pamper themselves. As a result, they many a times refuse to buy a product because they feel guilty in doing so. Most of them think that perhaps the money could be well spent on something else.

What you need to do is to make them realize that it is quite okay to indulge, and spend on themselves once in awhile. They have full right to do so as they work hard all round the year.

5. Physical Factor – Believe it or not there are products in the market, which make people think that they may cause bodily harm to them if they buy and use these products. If people feel that the product in question is dangerous to use and can have adverse physical repercussion then they will definitely avoid buying such products.

In such a scenario, first of all, you should make sure that your product is safe to use and is not dangerous for anyone. Next, the task is to inform the people about the safety of your product. For this, you can also get your product certified, for its safety, from any creditable agency. Include demonstrations and testimonials from known personalities to verify its safety.

Overall, your approach should be to make people buy your products through legal and fair means. At any stage, you should not try to cheat your customers.

The idea is to help the customers in their decision to buy your products by answering any questions that they may have. This would be a worthwhile exercise because you would be helping those who may really want to buy your products but have a few apprehensions. In fact, it is your duty to guide them in the right direction.

Customer is all-important and so are there concerns. Therefore, there requirements should be kept in mind even when you start designing your product. If you keep the above points, in mind while designing your product then you can be sure that half the battle is won.

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How Crucial is the Role of Copywriting?

Copywriting plays a crucial role in promotion and advertisement of any business. No matter what business you are involved in, if you think that simply having a good product or service, is enough to get you the sales then you are wrong. In fact, promotion and advertisement play a major role in getting sales for any business.

Any good advertisement is incomplete without the right kind of slogan to go with it. If your advertisement does not have a good slogan then don’t you feel unsatisfied that it is incomplete.

On the other hand, an advertisement can look complete with only text and without any image. Good slogans are very crucial to attract the people to your product and service.

Over the years, you would have heard many a popular add lines that have become so popular that they have become a part of the daily conversation.

Today the copywriters who make these slogans and add lines are the most sought after people in the world of advertisement and promotion. You can gauge their importance from the fact that in many cases their salaries are in the same bracket as that of the CEO of the company.

Many people who don’t have a full idea of the importance of the copywriter and the advertising department would perhaps feel that these people are being paid too much for a task, which they can even do themselves. However, they should be careful because this do-it-yourself approach is at times a sure shot recipe for disaster. Particularly in cases where one, is not trained to carry out the tasks professionally.

If you are not getting the required amount of sales then perhaps you should work to revamp your advertising department. Remember that it is the marketing and advertising of your product and service which entices the people to come back repeatedly to buy.

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Effective Tactics to Entice New Subscribers

Everyone wants to increase the number of subscribers they have and are constantly planning new strategies to do so. One very effective tactic to attract subscribers is to offer them freebies along with the subscription. These freebies could be in any form such as, premium or a bonus item etc.

Display your free offer very prominently on the main page of your website, so that everyone who visits the site knows about it. Nowadays, PDF files are also very much in vogue as freebies on subscription websites. The users can easily download these PDF files. Some of the ways in which you can entice new customers and profit from your subscription website are enumerated below:

1. Improve content and layout – It is important to have useful and interesting content on your website, which people would want to pay for. Equally important is the layout of the site. The best of information can go to waste if it is not presented well. Nobody wants to read anything that is presented in a chaotic manner.

You should carefully look at the way the information is presented on your site. You can use columns to display information. Shorter documents can use a two or three column design. While for longer ones, a single column of around 6 inches can be good. You can also improve the layout with graphics and color to make it look more professional.

2. Keep the document size in check – Once you have decided to offer PDF files, the next step is to make sure that the document is easily downloadable and transferable.

For this, the document size should be kept under check. Heavier the size of the document the more time it will take to download and transfer. In today’s fast world, you can be sure that your subscribers are not going to stick around for documents that take longer than a few minutes to download. Moreover, a lengthy document may also bore the reader. As a result, take care that your document is not heavy in size by limiting the length of the document and the number of graphics, images, photographs etc. that you use in your document.

3. Prepare error free documents – Make sure that the documents that you create don’t have any errors in them. There is nothing more disturbing for the subscribers than to know that the file that they have downloaded does not work. Check that you have prepared the PDF file with proper procedure for trouble-free download and access.

Besides this, there are few other considerations that you should keep in mind. Some of these are given below:

  • You should give clear instructions for the subscribers to download and access the files. You can also give them a few tips to handle any problems that they may face while downloading and accessing the files. It would be a good idea to include your contact information such as email id, so that they can contact you in case of difficulties.
  • In case of PDF files, you should always include a link to download Adobe Acrobat by means of a “Get Acrobat Reader” button. This is essential for those who either don’t have the software or want to upgrade it. You can check out detailed instructions at www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readermain.html
  • There are also a few guidelines, which you should give out for distilling the document into Acrobat. These guidelines help the people in viewing text.

You can guide your subscribers for online viewing. Tell them that they can keep a resolution of 72 dpi, 150 dpi for printing text and 300 dpi for text with graphics. However, don’t forget to warn them that as the dpi increases so does the time to download the file.

4. Test your offer – It is very important for you to check and cross check the whole offer and procedure before you okay it for the subscribers to use. It would be best if you would try to download the file from multiple computers to see if there are any hiccups in the process.

Overall, it is up to you to make your offer attractive enough to entice new subscribers. The offer you make should work efficiently and be beneficial for the subscriber.

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How to Attract and Lure People Through Your Marketing Message

Marketing is all about attracting and luring people to your product and services by any which way. The idea is to “get noticed”, irrespective of the means used.

How many times has it happened with you that unknowingly you have been attracted to some advertisement simply because it was so compelling that you could not avoid it?

This is not just the case with advertisements. In fact, this curiosity is there in every sphere of our life. We as humans are always interested in anything out of ordinary. For example, you would have noticed many times that people out of curiosity, have crowded around an accident scene wanting to know what has happened.

Fascination with Newness

This is all because people have a fascination for new things. It is this pursuit of new, which guides everyone. You can observe this from your daily routine. Everyday you switch on the news to find out what’s the latest development in the world. It is for the same reason that you read the daily newspaper.

When you meet your friends and colleagues one of the first questions that you ask them generally is “What’s new?” You are interested in knowing what has been happening lately in their lives. You are not interested in hearing about things that you already know.

The same rule also applies in the field of marketing and advertisements. A marketing message should compel people to sit up and take notice of the product and service. The message should be so strong that whether the people want to or not they should be forced to read it.

If by chance, your marketing is not able to do this then you certainly need to think about bringing a change to the message. You have to analyse and see for yourself what it is that your marketing lacks. What have you overlooked? Why are people not taking the trouble to go through your advertisement?

Often the answer can be found in the fact that people are interested in new thoughts and ideas. They will go through your advertisement only if they find anything new in it. Nobody is interested in the same old story.

It is up to you to find out new things to say about your product and service. If you are unable to do so then you can be sure that your marketing would become lifeless. A lifeless marketing is sure to give you equally lifeless sales.

Generate Freshness in your Marketing Message

However, finding something new and saying it in the right compelling way is not an easy task. Most people are of the opinion that they don’t have anything new to say about their product. After all, it is the same old product.

Agreed this is so but what one has to do is revamp the old product and sell it afresh to the people. Something like, an old wine in a new bottle.

It may not be a simple task but it is certainly not impossible. What one needs to do is to figure out the areas in which one can generate freshness about the product.

This freshness could be generated in any sphere such as pricing, packaging, production process etc.

Perhaps the product is being made in collaboration with some other company then this too can become part of the marketing. It is after all a new feature of the product.

However, if at times one is totally at sea and cannot find anything at all new to say about the product then one can perhaps try to look at it from the point of view of the customer.

Look at the product from his viewpoint and try to find areas, which may attract him. One should come up with something so exciting about it that the excitement should pass on to the customers, making them excited too.

Once one has figured out what to say then say it such panache that the audiences are compelled to listen.

Try your best

Think of the marketing message, be it in the form of a print, television, web, email advertisement, as a TV program that the audiences are watching. Then see, whether it is compelling enough for them to continue watching it or will they switch over to some other channel.

This will allow you to rate the marketing yourself and try harder to get that magical message. Remember, try, try, try again and you will get it.

Try a little harder and you will be surprised at the number of messages that you can come up. Compare them and see whether they have the ability to hold the audiences or not. If yes fine, if no then get down to, work once again.

Don’t forget it is the marketing which will make your product or service sell like hot cakes.

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