12 Important Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Copywriter

magnifying-glassAnyone can claim to be a copywriter. As I have learned after many trails and tribulations. Whether it’s in the brick and mortar business or whether your business is online. Anyone with the knowledge of the language and who think that they are creative become copywriters. But let me tell you. It’s not that easy.

There is much money and business to be lost, if you place your ad campaign in the hands of immature, those who claim to be copywriters, but are really a little more than fly by night operators.

That was then, now I have learned that there are several factors to write a good ad campaign. This must be additionally stressed. However if you do choose to sub contact your ad campaigns there are certain questions that you must ask your copywriter.

Believe me it will save you from a lot of head ache, resources and money that is rightfully yours. Plus you get good ad campaign that would generate revenue for you.

You must get satisfactory answers to the questions that you pose to the copywriter, whom you intend to employ.

In case the person fails to answer the questions, is not willing to answer or the answers are not up to the mark, then well you should not employ the person.

When employing the copywriter

Look for the truthfulness and the honesty in the answers. If the person is not telling the truth, they will slip somewhere. Look for their experience and ask for their credential Do a background check and talk to the referrals that they have talked about.

Copywriters are good at making believe in what they say, after all that is what they are getting paid for. That’s why I have built up a set of 12 questions, which can tell you whether you want to hire the person or not.

1. What are your recently written ad campaigns – sales letter / web pages / TV & radio ad jingles for the target consumers –

The answer to the question will tell you whether they are suited for the job or not. Copywriters are an experienced lot and some deal in niche markets. Therefore choose the one who has already written for the niche market that you are aiming at.

2. Please show at least 3 examples of your successful work

When the copywriter posts you the work, you would definitely know whether they have worked professionally or they are just starting out. If they have answered yes to the first question, ten they would have no problems in answering and showing you their work.

In case their answer is a negative, then you know that they are amateurs who are just starting out and want to make a ad campaign learning on the job. They might make mistakes for which you might have to pay.

3. Please provide your reference (should not include family, relatives and those who work under and with you)

This question is designed to provide background information and check for their work. When they provide references, the current employed can check whether what they have stated is truth or they are speaking plain lies. It’s very easy to find out. Therefore copywriters give their references very carefully. They give of those whom they trust will give a good feedback to their current employer

4. Is this a full time job for you?

By answering this question, the copywriter will let you know, what they do for a living. If they work full time job somewhere else, how will they be able to dedicate the time, for your campaign. When you can find that there is a copywriter, who’s full time occupation is that of copywriting, you have met your match.

5. What is your experience?

The experience that the copywriter gives you should be chronologically written. If they have ever worked for an ad agency as a copywriter, then that’s an advantage for your campaigns. In case they have never worked as a copywriter before, then hiring this person can land you in great trouble.

6. Have you written copy for web site, do you have your own web site?

In case you are looking for web copy, then this person should be for you. If they have a website, the next question should be whether they have written their own copy for the website or they have relied on external help. This is essential in case you are looking for a copy that’s web related. Review the work and the website of the copywriter to know whether that’s the kind of output you want from the copywriter or not.

7. What is the expected time of completion for the project?

A successful and a good copywriter can’t churn out work overnight. This question tests the caliber and the work schedule of the copywriter. Whether they have enough work and how busy they are. While asking this you can see if they can stick to their delivery schedules.

8. Would you sub contract the work or would you do it yourself?

The answer to this question will tell you, who is actually going to do the work for you. Since you are going to be paying for the job, you have a right to know. If they are sub contacting the work, it might be to a person who has lesser skills and experience and they are out to earn a quick buck.

9. In what form will the work be delivered to me?

Usually I like the work to be delivered in full that is formatted with two – three option, which should be available. Since I don’t want to spend more money on formatting, editing etc. this saves me time and money and I get a product, which is ready to be delivered.

10. How much would you charge from me?

Essentially, since you would be paying, you should know how much they charge, what would be the payment schedule. Will they bill per hour or per day etc. pay when you are fully satisfied about the job that you have given them.

11. If the copy that you write doesn’t work? , what would be likely reasons for it.

Usually a good copywriter would know the markets, consumers, products and services well. This is the reason why they would also give you suggestions to make the copy worthwhile. They will let you know the advantages and the limitations of the copy. Therefore the answer to this question is extremely crucial for you.

12. Are you prepared to be paid on commission basis? In most cases the answer will be a “NO”. However if most salesman work on a commission basis, then why not a copywriter, if they have faith in there ability then they should go ahead with the commission policy. After all they are also in the business of selling, the selling of good campaigns which in return is going to get the revenues and the profits for you.

Initially it can be a downtime payment. Once you build a relationship with the sales people, the payment can be made on the basis of commission.

Get the answers before you hire them.

It’s important that you get the right and the correct answers before you go about hiring the copywriter that you want.

It can mean a difference between a campaign and a great campaign.

The campaign in which will get you the revenue or will make your business, or shut your shop.

So best of luck and happy copywriting.

This article was written by Craig Dawber, I hope you find our articles helpful…..Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below:

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